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    Website diseapeared

    Hey guys Once again my website totally disapeared and i'm now having an error 404 All my ftp files are gone.. Any explanation ?
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    Website Wait time (pingdom)

    Hi guys My website is experiencing a lot of Wait time... Here is my pingdom results and also here is my DNS check results which seem not so good Any explanation ?
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    Error 404

    Hi guys My website directory /public_html just disapeared this morning ? I didn't delete it so any idea where it is ? I worked hard on my files yesterday and didn't backup the whole thing so I kind of rely on you to tell me what happened... Thanks My domain :
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    Send an e-mail using wordpress

    Hey guys I'm not the kind to ask question around without a deep search before... I installed wordpress recently Since then I never received any mail from it (such as registration or anything) I also installed a plugin (woocommerce) and when it is supposed to send me an...