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  1. stere012332

    Server transfer request; 'Level' to 'Vox'

    Hi, I manage two websites on X10Hosting, one on the Vox server, and one on the Level server. I recently acquired the one on the Level server, and I have noticed a severe drop in overall website performance (e.g. load speed) compared to Vox, and it is definitely not the website itself. Is it...
  2. stere012332

    Does my website comply with the TOS?

    I was just reading some of the TOS, and I noticed that my website may be against them. The problem is that I am not actually sure, as the staff here have reviewed it several times for misc. reasons, yet haven't said anything. My website is 8 months old, and has always had the same concept. My...
  3. stere012332

    [VOX] 500 Internal Server Error and cannot access cPanel

    It appears that Vox is experiencing 500 Internal Server Error on websites, and Disk Full error on cPanel. I would consider this a normal thing, but it has been like this for 3-4 hours now and no information has been posted on Is it just me? or is this a global...
  4. stere012332

    Unable to change domain name.

    I have been trying to change the domain name on my account, but it has been saying "Process wait" for one hour, and I fear it may be stuck.
  5. stere012332

    My VB.NET program will not install - gives errors.

    Hello. I have a gaming client (not much right now, but thats beside the point) on my website ( and it has worked up until a week ago, when all of the sudden it stopped installing on computers (Note: I Did NOT change/do anything to it.). It throws errors from 403 to 500. A...
  6. stere012332

    Same problem as everybody else: "Sorry for the inconvenience! (...)"

    My cPanel is hosted on Starka, and when I try to login, I get the same message that about everyone else is getting.
  7. stere012332

    I cannot access my website or starka.

    My website ( is hosted on starka, which seems to be down, causing my site to be down, too. Could an admin confirm this? I want to add some stuff to it, but it (as explained above) won't let me. ---------- Post added at 11:54 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:21 AM...