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    Check out my new Photoblog

    Hi, please have a look at my new Photoblog and make suggestions if anything can be improved. I'll post new Photos everyday. If you like them, I would be happy you could share it!
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    My site has been deleted for inactivity. Is it gone permanently?

    So I have been unable to access my PC for several weeks and my site has been removed according to the rule that you have to log in every month or so. Are the files gone permanently or can I request it to be reactivated? the site was on chopin server
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    x10vpn still pending ip adress

    It still says pending in my control panel, though I have signed up weeks ago. anything I can do?
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    My wordpress broken since chopin got moved two weeks ago

    Is there any chance this will ever be fixed? If not, how can I save my blog post settings etc. and restore them on a new installation? EDIT: that's my site ;) or what's left of it.
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    My site is broken since chopin got moved :(

    Check out There is an html file which redirects you to which works fine, but then the site goes into some sort of loading loop? Weird.
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    Question about Premium or Illuminated upgrade

    If I upgrade to premium/illuminated, am I then allowed to host an ampache server or similar for private purposes?
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    How do I redirect requests in case my site gets unavailable?

    In case e.g. the server my site is on goes offline, how can I redirect page views to a different site, e.g. on a backup site or my Twitter account for status updates?
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    Please make suggestions on how i could improve my site It's my personal weblog based on wordpress.
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    May I set up a private Ampache music server, alongside my site?

    Hello, I would like to discuss with an admin about a special permisson to upload files, which are not directly related to my site. Please note that I am aware of the Terms of Service. I would like to host a private (only for myself) Ampache server, alongside my normal blog. This would require...
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    Can not create a second subdomain

    When creating it, I get an error message (there was a problem creating it), it doesn't work, but it does show up in my list. If I want to delete I get a similar error message and it gets rmoved from my list. When I click on details the output after trying to delete it is as following: The...
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    Can't restore EZPZ Wordpress backup: Your Linux server has disabled the exec function

    Server: chopin Issue: I can not activate the wordpress plugin EZPZ one click backup, which worked fine on my old server. I need exactly this plugin to restore a backup. Most importantly I am getting the error "Your Linux server has disabled the exec function." which appears to be a server issue...