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    How do i delete my hosting acount

    I would like to delete my hosting acount please
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    when someone is banned?

    ive noticed that a few members seem to have a strike through on there name on the forum ? why do people get banned and is it a permanant ban or is it like a temporary ban based on something they have done ? sorry if it seems a silly question i was just wondering
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    site down again ! help please?

    i know over the last few days there has been work being done on lotus and wondered at what stage we are at with the server? my friend has a site on lotus and his is up and running but mine isnt ? could admin have a look and give me advice if possible? best wishes divebuddha...
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    wheres the web disk button gone in cpanel?

    ok ive just been onto my c panel page and realised that the button to create a web disc shortcut on my desctop is no more ? have they moved it somewhere or am i totaly blind? can someone prod me in the right direction please
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    adding another web site to my acount BUT HOW?

    Ok i thought i would post this question into the forums as i usualy get some great feedback from you all! ok my question is im looking at setting up another website for my daughters scout group but wondered how to do i ! just basic things like trip reports and photos from trips and stuff...
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    Help with robots.txt!

    hi there everyone after a few months of having the web site up and running i wanted to ask a few questions about about whether the use of robots.txt within my web page enviroment will help with the broswers like google to index my pages easier or will it be more hassle than its worth...
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    still struggling with x10sitebuilder?

    again im after info regarding problems im having using sitebuilder and the inability to edit my template by using the wysiwyg editor via html button ! i opened a support thread a few days ago and it was shut without any form of answer? i know that the service is undergoing a few big...
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    x10 sitebulider hangs/freezes?

    hi there guys i thought i would ask a question regarding a problem that has only arisen today and seems to only be one part of the site that i simply cant get to work? when i try to edit my site via sitebuilder specificaly edit my css via the html button the whole browser hangs and doesnt...
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    web page background( how to )

    hi there guys just a quick one that may sound a little daft but wondered how do i apply a picture or a graphic or picture as a web template background basicaly my web sites template has a grey background and wondered how to apply a pic to add some colour or is there another way to do it ...
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    would someone critique my site please

    hi there guys im new to the boards and wondered if people would like to review my site ive only had the site up and running about 2 weeks and never done a site before! basicaly a few pages with photos from my life i.e places and and aqautic life as im into scuba diving any input...
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    web forms on a web page ??

    i put a comments web form on my web page contact me but i cant for the life of my find where the messages go ?:nuts: ive done a few test ones and know that all the other e-mails get re-directed to my personal e-mail acount so i can get all the info in 1 swoop so to speak? again gents thanks...
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    help needed as im totaly stuck

    well yet again for the 2nd time today i extend my voice out for help on the web template front after installing a guestbook application earlier and subsequently having to delete the database due to it messing up my home page settings, then losing the site totaly through faults of my own...
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    web page hit counters ? but which one?

    ok guys just a few quick questions from a newby i want to put a web counter on my index page but dont know which is t he best way to do it ? all i want to do is see how many hits my site has had not really bothered about the deeper stuff now would anyone recomemend using one of these free hit...
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    how to create a members only pic folder

    can i create a folder that is password protected where access can only be gained via a user name and password! and can it be done via using sitereptile web site builder? or do i need special tools? any advice would be great ? best wishes leigh :lockd:
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    web templates

    hi there everyone firstly want to say hello to all the members of the forum and thanks for giving me a platform to ask the questions i would love answers to ? anyway my question is i want to upload complete HTML templates downloaded from the web to my folders but dont know which folders to...
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    greetings to one and all

    ;) hi there everyone just wanted to stop by and say hello im a complete newby to web site making and doing it purely for fun to host some of myscuba diving pictures to start with :eek4: <<< me after 2 days being a member lol i look forward to hearing from ya all as ive got lots of...