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  1. ctinx10m

    No answer from support and appeal doesn't work

    I don't know if support is ignoring me, but I'm waiting for its answer to solve my issue and explain my reason or if I can't solve anything, get my files. Close accounts without advise and ignore emails because they want, that's not professional and no moral. They need understand how hard was to...
  2. ctinx10m

    Hi, my account was suspended

    Hi, I'm Antonio Escalante, Organizing President of the CTIN and Student in Instituto Tecnológico de Nogales. The thing is, the host was suspended by "Unsolicited Commercial Email" or in short words spaming, the fact is the School is organizing a Congress wich is called...
  3. ctinx10m

    Can't run PHP Code into a .html file.

    Hi guys, I was trying to run PHP into my .html file like that: <td> <?php echo "success"; ?> </td> I did put this simple echo to test if my php work, but nothing happen and I saw my .html source with my navigator, and my php Code appears commented as <!-- ... --> I've been searching from...