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  1. northe5

    CPanel wont let me log in "You must specify a username to login"

    ok, no problem just trying to help and will remember not to give insecure way in the future :)
  2. northe5

    CPanel wont let me log in "You must specify a username to login"

    try one of these (secure) or (secure) (NOTE: Removed unsecured access method)
  3. northe5

    x10hosting status issue

    ive avast! and at the moment it directs to the same thing as you but with a "connection reset" page
  4. northe5

    Ipb license

    if you can PROVE that you have a legit key. I used to ask customers (when i worked at other web hosts) for the email that they registered the key with or some other details when i contacted the software customer service to see if it matched or not before taking down the site. If you have a...
  5. northe5

    Help ! my account is suspended

    you might no be able to get your files etc back and serves you right for using Nulled software :P read number 8.
  6. northe5

    cpanel not working!! ? HELP

    have you tried or to log into cpanel?
  7. northe5

    Which Web Browser you like most?

    IceDragon by Comodo ;)
  8. northe5

    Default website Page

    all you have to do is replace the index.html page with your own in the 'public_html' folder
  9. northe5

    I Can't Access CPanel

    or as sometime secure connection doesnt work
  10. northe5

    How to use one's own domain?

    aye i forgot the above too... back to having more coffee's to wake up :)
  11. northe5

    How to use one's own domain?

    goto your CPanel and look for a icon called 'Addon Domains'. Click on that and add your domain through that
  12. northe5

    current computer monitors : besides VGA, now they inc. HDMI inputs ... question

    i think you MIGHT need something like this just make sure the monitor has a DVI as well i aint sure, i could be wrong
  13. northe5

    Installing perl modules

    looks like the admin has took that bit off for the "free" community (dont know about paid) and i normally dont install anything off CPanel anyhow, all i use it for is phpmyadmin, mysql databases and adding domains, thats about it. i dont know what Perl module your looking for but here you go...
  14. northe5

    Cpanel Keeps Refreshimng

    no probs :)
  15. northe5

    SMTP Issues with PHPMailer

    535 is a incorrect password or account name error i dont know if they have changed anything to be really honest as ive only just signed up a couple of days ago :)
  16. northe5

    Cpanel Keeps Refreshimng

    ah i get that but i normally use which works. try that way
  17. northe5

    emails not reaching live/hotmail users

    out of intrest, cn you send emails FROM your hotmail/live accounts to the email at x10?
  18. northe5

    Cpanel Keeps Refreshimng

    try deleting the web browser cache
  19. northe5

    SMF Error

    it would help with links to your website and the link where you got the AJAX from then we can look at it for more info on how to fix it for you. i'm thinking that the AJAX that your trying to install is out of date and thats why your coming across the errors, or that you have not installed it...
  20. northe5

    SMF Error

    i had the fortune to set up a SMF system and it's a puzzling thing at first for ALL (unless told not to) install ALL packages (mods) via the admin section in SMF if your doing this already then remember the old packages might not work and you will have to look for up to date ones for the...