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  1. brightwire

    So, how does this look?

    Looks great, keep up the great work!!!
  2. brightwire

    Tabbed browsing

    No, but thats just me. I really dont have like 40 web pages i need to have open at once.
  3. brightwire

    what do you think?

    For a window, it looks O.K.
  4. brightwire

    Change CNAME values

    Thanks Man!! Works Great!! You guys are the best!!;)
  5. brightwire

    Change CNAME values is not working
  6. brightwire

    Change CNAME values

    They are working great!! Can i just ask you to add one more? CNAME value or alias: mail CNAME destination: Thanks So much!!
  7. brightwire

    Change CNAME values

    I was trying to use Google apps for my website and couldn't because I cannot edit the cname records in cpanel. They told me to contact my website and that you guys could do it. My website: (do you need any other info?) I'd like to create the following cnames: Alias/CNAME...