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    Hosting disappeared from my account?

    Since the latest problem with cossacks, I get this everytime I go to my url ( or Not Found The requested URL /joomla/ was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use...
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    What CMS do you suggest?

    SMF and it's portal Tinyportal are great, and easy to use and customize. Although I have moved on to Joomla with the phpbb3 bridge. Joomla is a little more complex compared to SMF/Tinyportal, but seems to have a bigger and better support and theme selection. lernvid has some amazing themes for...
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    Forum account linked to hosting account question

    I had to signup for a 2nd free hosting account because the first one would not work. Would not allow me to login to the cpanel, tried for several days. The new one works perfectly. I'm not sure if this forum account is tied to the first one or the new current one. I just want to make sure. I...
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    Free x10hosting is the best!

    definitely the best free host that i've ever used for sure.