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  1. dj phox

    Activity warning on prime account?

    Hello, For some reason today I received an activity warning on my account, but I'm a prime member. It even says in the message that you won't get those as a prime member. So why did I get one?
  2. dj phox

    December Giveaway Winners (Pending Verification)

    I haven't received mine yet, that's ok though cause i have been busy with work right now anyways so i see it as time NOT wasted
  3. dj phox

    December Giveaway Winners (Pending Verification)

    Hmmm... ok well some of it fails... i didn't like Dallas any of the 4 times i have been there, i dont like Houston, i despise Galveston's sand fly issue that bit the crap out of me the one time i went there... i liked new brunfels and San Antonio though :) I am a Cali Boy. i was born and raised...
  4. dj phox

    December Giveaway Winners (Pending Verification)

    Whooo i'm on that list :D 2011 is going to be a great year... got a new job, moving to Arizona (Texas fails lol) and now i come to find out i have won something. all within 10 days of the new year, ok well the moving to Arizona isn't till June, but still
  5. dj phox


    Heya welcome to the best hosting service i and i bet anyone else can find it's free and it's more than most people need and if it isnt enough you can buy enough at what i feel was a cheap price... and they helped me get a free domain (not .com but still good enough)