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  1. Mikey

    50 Credits per FULFILLED REQUEST!

    Hiya peoples! Since I really don't have any real use of my credits, I'd like to make a little request. You will think this request is silly, but it's for my personal gain and become a very snobby individual on the site. The site involved within this request is; All you...
  2. Mikey

    Using the Credits for something else?

    Hey, I just had a bright idea, I'm not sure if it's been mentioned in the past before because I didn't bother searching for it. I noticed that there are only a few things you can do with the credits in regards to using it for your hosting account. What if the staff somehow developed a...
  3. Mikey

    Strange stuff!

    Okay, so I just created my account. I received the e-mail for activation and my account was placed in the queue. Then, about thirty seconds later, I receive an e-mail saying: So I try to re-create my account, but when I try to link to my forum user name, it says I've already got an account...