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    Ne1 seen ne good comedy movies or series

    well, if u have then plz post here...I want to spend time watching comedy...btw, if it has less vulgar seen, the better it is
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    What's your favorite browser?

    Opera is the best browser...I used Firefox and IE 7...Didn't like ne1 of them..Oh! and I also used Netscape
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    The first website you visted ??

    for me, I think it was pcgameworld in 1998 when I was 8 years old... it was a very good site for game cheats and trail versio downloads but then it became a little vulgar and I stopped going there...
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    It's my Birthday!

    happy bday m8...sorry, was away so cudn't write b4.
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    Help with Forum set up

    well, ne 1 with ne help on how to integrate the forum with my sites' template that I made????
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    Help with Forum set up

    sorry, m8, none atm....I am new in web designing and trying to pick up everything I can...well, I want to integrate the forum into the site so that I can use my sites template (custom one).... I know, Im not being helpful at all (very much ignorant in this subject)...sorry...:dunno:
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    Help with Forum set up

    Well, I need some help with forum setup...Actually a lot of help...I have no idea how to do it..I use Microsoft Frontpage 2003 for website designing (its like a hobby of mine and well, I am worse than Amateur:happysad:!!) My plan is to integrate a forum into my website...well, my plan is...
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    Some Advice

    THIS IS NOT SPAMMING... I just wanted to know if was fake or did it pay ppl money? Plz, ppl, if u got ne proof of payment, plz post here... thanx
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    Forum Rules

    Well, is there a disclaimer for posting a little irrelevant things in a post? Like for example someone says "Actually I think all the PTCs are scams and don't trust them" and another member says "What? Is fake too" Well, is this allowed or not? is there a disclaimer for this? That...
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    Make $100 Per Week!

    LOL I did this in a hurry m8...well, mark my word...surfjunky...scam written all over it..
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    Make $100 Per Week!

    Surf Junky is the greatest SCAM EVER: Edit: well, 1st 3 pages of google search gave "SURFJUNKY IS A SCAM" so, ppl no need to register in kesne's site as (BY HIS METHOD MENTIONED WHEN U REGISTER FOR $10) u can only make REAL FAST money through SURFJUNKY...AS ITS BEEN PROVEN TO BE A SCAM SO...
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    Get 20 ads per day...

    well, I checked it out and yeah...maye its true...then wer on the right track.. well, I may join bux3...l8r if so.
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    Get 20 ads per day...

    Thats funny, many members here say that is valid and I searched many posts in the internet...They all said Bux.To is valid...Only 1 person said that its invalid...I dunno, I made $10 long time ago but Im buying referrals for now...I am abt 90% sure its not fake... However, if u use...
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    Get 20 ads per day...

    don't know if its is tho
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    Earn Money via

    somehow, can detect an autoclicker or bot, they don't pay those ppl who use them..I think its similar to google's adsense programme...They know when a click is valid and when some1 u asked is clicking (:) yep I tried it)
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    Earn from your regular activity

    not worth it m8...
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    Get paid 5$ per month

    I sent u a msg...If u ignore it then it doesn't help...does it?
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    Make $100 Per Week!

    well, I have registered but what the hecks taking such a long time for processing? Dunno...He shud do it asap coz if it is true (still has loads of question marks over it) then some good reviews worth it
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    Earn Money via

    LOL....hehe...well, as long as u try it...Im trying it and well, I looked across some of the scam listing sites and they say is
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    Earn $10 AlertPay for Free.

    Can't really trust them...Only 1 I trust is becoz 1 of my m8 got $100 paid by them...sorry, I have to proof to give u except my words so plz don't gamble on my words...... Edit: of course...Ill post the proof asap....(Im waiting to buy referral...only 4 dollars to go)