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    wow! that's going to be really nice for sure! welcome! aand.. hope you'll like it here :)
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    Free Wordpress themes by Themesjunction

    nice themes! ^^
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    i'm good.. u?

    i'm good.. u?
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    welcome to x10hosting! :D
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    Newly Updated Ezwpthemes Freshly Producted Wordpress Themes

    those are some really nice themes! ^^
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    What do you think of my website?

    Overly huge font size on navigation. Why not put contents in a box with rounded corners instead of putting them directly with patterned background.
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    Important Poll

    same here! :D
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    Review My Site

    is that site of yours a gaming site? did you make it? ^_^
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    Free Premium Wordpress Themes By

    yeah i totally agree ^_^
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    Hello I'm New

    same here :]
  11. xcorphz

    Woot, i am 20 now :/

    happy 20th birthday to both of us! am going 20 next month on the 30th ^_^
  12. xcorphz

    x10 in the past!

    yeah obviously there are a lot of changes.. and i like them better and better
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    Hi.. My Name is Venus

    Hey.. welcome to x10hosting! ^_^
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    Newbie from India...

    Hey.. welcome to x10hosting! ^_^
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    Im new here

    Hey.. welcome to x10hosting! ^_^
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    newb here (on x10Hosting)

    Hey.. welcome to x10hosting! ^_^
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    HI EVERYONE ! "am a Newbie"

    Hey.. welcome to x10hosting! ^_^
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    Hello I'm New

    Hey.. welcome to x10hosting! ^_^
  19. xcorphz

    please unsuspend my account :(

    please unsuspend my account.. i'm super sorry for posting on the forum just now.. i thought of logging in the forum today so my account won't be suspended again.. but when i viewed my site.. it's already suspended..
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    Who Loves Making Money? Please Review My Site.

    yeah i agree it's absolutely clean and well organized.. i think it'd look better in flash :D