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  1. amalfra79

    Did you ever hire people to do SEO for your site?

    i always do these kind of stuff myself.
  2. amalfra79

    Still can't get my website running - VOX server

    now i have parked the domain but when i load the parked one( i see a default website page @
  3. amalfra79

    Still can't get my website running - VOX server

    i had parked a domain yesterday, i purchased the domain with godaddy. i removed parked domain from cpanel and now capnel shows no(0) parked domains. Once i tried to park, it shows the above mentioned error. i have set the nameservers to point to...
  4. amalfra79

    Still can't get my website running - VOX server

    me too on vox and getting following error when parking a domain : Using nameservers with the following IPs:, Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server. Please transfer the domain to this...
  5. amalfra79

    Server Moves

    is lotus's migration over?
  6. amalfra79

    Server Moves

    i bought a new domain. is this a good time to park it in cpanel? or should i wait till all this migration mess is over?
  7. amalfra79

    Server Moves

    Iam on lotus. when i update a file with cpanel, it all works ok. But the change is not seen when i load my site. isn't it due to the server migrations going on. Would i have to do the updates and uploads i have done, again after all the server migrations are over?
  8. amalfra79

    where are our files pointing to?!!

    me too having the same issues. I think its related to the sever migrations going on.
  9. amalfra79

    Default page appears instead of Home page

    One think i can suggest : stop using this stupid scam hosting, and let them rot in hell. Move on to some decent hosting which cares about their customers and dignity. Why are people trying to do things which they can't?(if you can't provide free hosting then just quit the job and provide only...
  10. amalfra79

    Default page appears instead of Home page

    Me too having issue. i am on lotus. Wondering how stupid and scam would the paid hosting will be if this is the reliability and quality of free hosting.
  11. amalfra79

    Wow... All files are gone

    me too getting this.
  12. amalfra79

    Which Web Browser you like most?

    I like chrome the most. its fast and simple.
  13. amalfra79

    Boru down?

    lotus too appears to be online! i think everything is back alright!
  14. amalfra79

    Is Down cPanel FTP Site

    my site too in lotus. It appears that lotus is down!
  15. amalfra79

    Boru down?

    Lotus too down! what the hell, its downtime after down time..............
  16. amalfra79

    x10hosting status issue

    when i load it redirects to and the page is blocked by avast saying it contains malwares. is there something wrong or is it just me?
  17. amalfra79

    emails not reaching live/hotmail users

    i haven't tried that , but it used to be ok ...
  18. amalfra79

    emails not reaching live/hotmail users

    emails sent to hotmail/live users are not reaching even the spam folder . its ok with gmail (reaches inbox). i have tried using google apps too . still no use , it doesn't even reach the spam/junk folder .
  19. amalfra79

    Lotus is Down?!

    me too facing same problem , would this be solved soon ?
  20. amalfra79 - computer pranks site

    i think the theme and layout needs some work ...... some of the images appear broken ,,,,,, bestwishes