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    this is my web, VERY NICE ONE...have a look

    i like it, but not like everyone else has stated the ads ruin the design for me
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    Love Literature

    the banner has alot of white space to say the least :P but the content is good :)
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    help pls

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    looks nice, love the idea :)
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    Serenity Labs

    the mainsite looks EXTREMELY empty, but i like the colours etc. used in the blog, i like it
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    So, how does this look?

    the design isnt bad.. but could be alot better - but your site has alot of content which is good :) and thanks for helping me fix my flash glitch
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    hmmm, my domain does not seem to be working, but when i use the x10hosting subdomain: it works, is there a problem with the nameservers or something ?
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    My Webbie :O

    theres a few glitches here and there, but because you didnt make the design/coding i dont think you could fix them.
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    A School Website

    I always find school websites hard to suit, but you did a good job
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    Updated: review my site!

    not too keen on the bright content area, its a little too contrasting to the rest of the site as the rest is darker coloured - very unique theme though
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    downtime issues

    Hey, i am just posting as im experiencing some downtime issues with my website: any ideas ?
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    Check out my dump- i mean site

    theres nothing there ? lol
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    Constructive Criticism

    broken link ?
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    please review my website.............. completely changed vU ( u for unknown )

    looks nice and clean, but i dislike the delhi online title effects, mainly the outer glow with the dissolve filter
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    Upgrade PC Processor?

    what blu3fire said, search it in google and im sure you will get some ideas on how to do it etc.
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    My New Design

    i dislike this template, i mean why is the font size like 18px, when all it needs to be is 10-12, oh i see you made the common mistake of using less info and increasing the dont size.. :( also the bottom of it with the brush looks inconsistant and would look better with a solid brush..
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    looks nice man :) not sure on the white squiggly line at the bottom
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    JA Shopping II template

    yeah template looks ok from what i can see, maybe a bigger preview ?
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    my domain

    hello, when i try to add my domain to my account page to make it my domain i click confirm domain, and the green box comes up, then i click confirm hosting details and get the error i was also having problems in the cpanel adding my domain as an addon [/LEFT]