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  1. jenya

    cPanel theme

    the new theme looks cool. does it come in red?
  2. jenya

    BackTrack Linux?

    i have Backtrack 3 installed on a USB stick, it works fine
  3. jenya

    amplifying wifi

    hai is there a way to amplify wifi signal strenght of a laptop? thanks
  4. jenya

    your gender...

    MAN i am
  5. jenya

    Favorite Old School Games

    Tenchu: Stealth Assassins for ps1, great game. but TMNT 3: Manhatten Project for NES is also really cool
  6. jenya

    Count to 1 Million

    1000 - 499 = 501
  7. jenya

    xbox to pc

    Does anyone know how to adapt an xbox controller to work on computer?
  8. jenya

    December 21, 2012...

    i need more information to be convinced
  9. jenya

    3 Great ways to get pass school filters

    lanSchool can block this
  10. jenya

    please explain..

    so, how come 2 nostrils?
  11. jenya

    had nothing to do :P

  12. jenya

    please explain..

    my friend told me an interesting point of evolution: that we all evolved from one creature, the CELL. he also told me that the reason we have 2 nostrils is because the CELL had 2 nostrils. lol sound reasonable enough to me
  13. jenya

    December 21, 2012...

    lol, I only found out about that a year later
  14. jenya

    Count to 1 Million

  15. jenya

    School begins tomorrow

    woohooo, shool is over soon for me! in about a month... :-(
  16. jenya

    please explain..

    ok, thats in humans, why do animals have 2, instead of 1, do they have alergies to?
  17. jenya

    please explain..

    why do we and animals have 2 nostrils?
  18. jenya

    December 21, 2012...

    oh well, ill just pit it on my calendar, so i dont forget
  19. jenya

    December 21, 2012...

    wasnt there a prediction of the worlds end in the year 2000?
  20. jenya

    !!!! The NEW Biggest thread !!!!

    wooohooo, school is nearly over!!!! only a few weeks left!!!