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    i was wondering if it was a good idea to have frames so that if someone goes to an external link, there are frames so that people can click to get back to my site. is this a good idea? and is there an easy way to do this without having to make a page for every xternal link. just like in google...
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    some questions

    are java applets allowed to be included in my website? how do i get a search engine powered by google? can i create custom error pages? what are the top level directories for? (public_html i understand) if i wanted to not use frames, can i make a table with no thickness border and have my site...
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    review my site

    it uses frames and has some games, i use frames so ppl think that i made the forum and gusest book plz rate 1-100
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    some people don't know it but i'll give 300 credits or more once i have more or maybe an ad on my website to someone that gives me a working game of galaga in flash, dhtml, java or any other languaga that i can put inmy website, people have already put lots of different versions of galaga on...
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    bid for ad spaces on my frount page

    the top people will have an ad on my website it is going to be on the frount page and i can put pictures up.
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    Hp or Dell or other

    i don't no how to make polls so just post ur opinion and give reasons hp dell compaq asus acer ibm packard bell for me it's definitly Hp as i have one and it's reliable, fast, perfect for all of my needs
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    What do you think of my website

    It's at or The background on the frount page is like that because of the new year. The site uses frames. just wondering, how do i put in a template or skins
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    just wanted o say hello as my account was suspended for not going here. my website is