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  1. Mashy

    Cpanel upgrade apache thing again, and 404

    Ok, so yesterday I had this apache 'great success' upgrade thing when I tried to access my site through the www. address. After clearing my cache and possibly doing something else which I can't remember, it started working properly again. Then I made an update to the site, and now I still get...
  2. Mashy

    Help needed deciding on forum categories.

    I want to add a forum to my site, for people to talk about the band, and about stuff. I don't want it to become amazingly big, I just want it to be a place where a few people who like the band can talk and chill out. Only problem is I don't know what...
  3. Mashy

    Cpanel Apache Help

    First of all, many apologies if this has been said before. I have just got a problem with my domain, at least, I think that's it. When I go to the domain that I have parked to , it comes up with something saying that apache has been installed on the server. It...