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  1. meskarune

    Wordpress not connecting to database

    My website was moved to starka, I can log into cpanel and see all my files, but when I try to go to my wordpress blog I get this error: "Error establishing a database connection" Is this a result of the move? How do I fix this error so i can make blog posts again?
  2. meskarune

    Take the test and show your score

    There is no malware on the site, and the only javascript on the page is from google's webmaster tools. (I checked the source code) There is something in your setup that is mistaken. If you want to block google analytics and other tools, I suggest you edit your hosts file. Or disallow...
  3. meskarune

    Take the test and show your score

    Go to then post your score. Don't cheat and use google. I got all the questions on the test right, not sure if thats good or bad though... ---------- Post added at 08:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:02 AM ---------- spoiler highlight: I've seen a cray I in rl
  4. meskarune

    Got suspension warning....?

    My account doesn't need to be restored, I just have a suspension WARNING not a suspension. I just want to know why I have such a warning when I've been making posts to the forum.
  5. meskarune

    Virus Alerts

    "I cannot change OS because I work with programs that only work on windows." FYI , you can install and use windows programs in linux. Like microsoft office, photoshop and dreamweaver, winamp, etc. And if you are referring to games... TONS of games work under linux, including WoW, Starcraft...
  6. meskarune

    Got suspension warning....?

    I have logged in and made plenty of posts on the forums, but I have a suspension warning saying I haven't had any forum activity in 53 days. I don't understand what's going on because I definitely HAVE.
  7. meskarune

    Virus Alerts

    install linux on your computer. Then all your problems will be fixed.
  8. meskarune

    Website down

    My account: name: meskarune server: getupdated website: My wp blog is still not accessible. Does it still need to be moved onto the new server? I'm just wondering what the status on it is.
  9. meskarune

    Installing Windows 98 as your secondary operating system.

    Yeah, I was about to say. I seem to also remember Win. 98 having stability problems. Isn't that the OS which made BSoD famous? I do miss the esoteric themes and sound effects though. Haunted house FTW
  10. meskarune

    firefox 4 more like chrome

    I like opera browser and midori the best. (midori is webkit based) I really like webkit, its fast and lightweight. But there is a bug where the program using web kit will lock up if you right click with the mouse, and its driving me nuts! Even so, midori is still my main browser.
  11. meskarune

    When did computers and technology stop being geeky?

    I used to play the original warcraft (a dos game) over lan and through IP address dailing (back in 1995 you had to use phone lines, long distance costs extra so people mostly interacted with people in their town. To play multiplayer games you had to call your friend, ask for their ip address...
  12. meskarune

    Best Linux Distribution

    Actually, centos and redhat can both be used as a desktop operating system. Here's a screen of cent: Default GUI is gnome. The reason most corporations like those operating systems is because they are stable and have corporate support systems in...
  13. meskarune

    Problems with Zend framework's zend_tool in Ubnutu in xampp

    Ouch. That sucks! I hope they get your hard drive replaced soon! Is it a laptop? I had a 7 year old gateway whose hard drive failed, and couldn't find a cheap replacement for it. (I'm using the thing as a cheap server now, also with a live cd and usb drive, lol) My desktop computer has multiple...
  14. meskarune

    Problems with Zend framework's zend_tool in Ubnutu in xampp

    You could have also just added the zend-framework ppa... sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zend-framework/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install zend-framework
  15. meskarune

    Access Your Emails Using USB from Library Computers.

    Use this: Its the opera web suite bundled with tor and privoxy. Opera has built in e-mail client and irc chat, and with tor you should be able to access any site or service you like...
  16. meskarune

    Best Linux Distribution

    I have tried them. (on my test server) And they aren't as fast as arch linux. Ubuntu 10.04 is very slow compared to most other linux distributions actually. (slackware, puppy, etc) I've been using linux for a very long time and first tried out ubuntu when it was version 5 (the second release)...
  17. meskarune

    Best Linux Distribution

    I like arch linux better than any other flavor. I've tried them all and arch was the only version of linux I've used that was simple to set up, easy to keep up to date, and NEVER has bugs. Biggest drawbacks of ubuntu: BUGS Have to re-install new versions, upgrades don't work BUGS Runs very...
  18. meskarune

    Old School Web Design

    Anybody remember websites from the 1990's? Animated gifs, midi music, tiled backgrounds and clashing colors. I thought I'd share some of these gems still lurking on the net: