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  1. sliver

    Unsuspension request, can you help me find out the problem?

    My account has been suspended for "high system resource usage"(suspension reason code is 409790602521), but I have never place any virus or other illness thing on my disk space. Maybe my site was attack by hackers, but I Can't check out the problem because I can login to my cpanel. Can Admin...
  2. sliver

    Fatal error:SUHOSIN,already using intermediate php

    I've been using intermediate php since 1 month ago,and never got this issue before,but now this error"Fatal error: SUHOSIN - Use of eval is forbidden by configuration" occur. how can I resolve this problem,any tips?
  3. sliver

    Unsuspension Request for sliver

    OK now it works,and I changed all the passwords.Thanks for your help! I found one administrator directory premission was set to 777,so I changed it to 755 now,maybe that's the problem? Or anything else I should do to prevent this kind of attack again?I'm a newbie website developer.
  4. sliver

    Unsuspension Request for sliver

    Thanks for your replies,I'll wait for Corey. Regards.
  5. sliver

    Unsuspension Request for sliver

    cPanel Username: sliver Domain/Subdomain: How long your account has been up: about 50 days Suspension Reason: Unknown ----------------------------------------------------- Other Details:: 10 hours ago my site still could be accessed,but now was Suspended.I Check...
  6. sliver

    Link Exchange with games,funny things related sites

    I made a flash games & videos site,and want to exchange links with games,or other funny things related sites. my site If you're interested in it,just click here ,and follow the instruction,I will add your link as soon as...
  7. sliver

    Who uses what program

    No doubt that Adobe Photoshop is the most used Graphics program.
  8. sliver

    problem with add-on and change domain

    I owned a,and I pointed the nameservers to and,then I set this domain in my account management panel. System returned back success info,and the domain showed in panel seemed all right. BUT,after several hours I login to the account panel...