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    Blue Shine Hosting Template [BASIC]

    Im sorry Ive got to say I dont like it much either. Im no expert on design but it just doesnt sit well for me. Maybe lighter and brighter colours are more appropriate for this, the darker colours make it seem a little unfriendly. Edit: Maybe try using divs instead of tables. Tables are not...
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    Quick Design Development

    I dont mean to be harsh, but how impressive would a prototype knocked up in half an hour be? Its my experience that clients cant or wont visualize a design, most people pretty much need to see a finished work before parting with their cash.
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    So, how does this look?

    Hi Im not too keen on the WP theme your using, there are some great free themes out there especially for tech sites. You do have a lot of interesting content which is the biggest hurdle for most people, so carry on and I hope you do well, think about the theme though ;)
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    good or bad deesign?

    I agree with others here. the diagonal stripe should be a lot thinner if you have to use it (some might say its a little last year, remember web design is very competitive and designers are constantly updating their own sites to look current).