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  1. fishphotography

    Post your specs

    My Specs - hmm you may laugh but yer... i dont mind using them but getting a quad core soon.. so it will replace them P3-433 Dual Zeon 512mb RAM 120gb IDE 2x 20gb SCSI 1x DVD Reader - Liton 1x DVD Burner - Liton Nvidia GeForce4 TI 4600 Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows XP SP3 Its a...
  2. fishphotography

    Vista and Internet Connection Sharing

    i mananged to get it do work going from wireless to lan so i wonder if there is a way of getting it to go from lan to wifi
  3. fishphotography

    installing 3rd Party PHP Scripts

    readme doesnt tell me how to get it to work on it... the other problem i am having is my email accounts are down... so i cant send emails out via outlook or webmail itself thanks Fish Photography Edit: test
  4. fishphotography

    installing 3rd Party PHP Scripts

    i am trying to install Ezonline Gallery and cicerone and dont know how to install them... i have them under the website ready to go but yer... if you can help me that would be good. Thanks Fish Photography