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  1. amolpatil2k

    Review My Site

    Nowhere on your site is there an ABOUT section. If it IS there, it is not easy to locate. Most don't know what even a Decal is let alone what they can accomplish on your site. By Decal, do you mean stickers which transfer their print as in:
  2. amolpatil2k

    Review My site's New Design

    I have trouble understanding the DNA of your site. There is no central organizing logic. Also there is no central visual theme. The visitor gets lost in the sea of domain names and sections. The first thing you need to learn is how to organize a site. There are millions of sites out there so...
  3. amolpatil2k

    Content Review

    I think that your site has a weakness in usability issues. We all get just a few seconds to captivate the reader. You need to provide at least 3-4 images (about 400px wide) and a big one line definition with a link to Wikipedia for further details. Make the homepage look like a splash page for...
  4. amolpatil2k

    Review my Site @

    Are you fishing for compliments? Your site is already ready for prime time! One thing I noticed was that in the GAMES section, the graphic "Got Games?" takes a long time to load. The actual size is 2284x997, the display size is 400x200 odd. If you resize the graphic to its display size, it...
  5. amolpatil2k

    review my website

    Delhi Online is an interesting idea but its success would depend on how many resources you are able to put behind it. If you are planning to go it alone, it would be better to start blogging about Delhi using (for its Google optimization) as opposed to hosted WordPress. Also try to...
  6. amolpatil2k

    My freeware apps!

    Really professional looking site, you have there. I would love to know the software you have used to design it. I like the way you have made the usual sections like products and downloads etc. My only problem is the number of products. If there are only two products then the home page can be...
  7. amolpatil2k

    My site

    I am viewing your site in Firefox 2 with No Script and Adblock etc. There is a horizontal bar made of equal signs right on top of the header. It is way too ugly. The muscle radio logo is retro. And the font is wonky. A squarish, more machine like, say a heavy metal riveted font would suit...
  8. amolpatil2k

    Please review, looking for any kind of feedback

    Try Logo Creator to tweak the logo. Also change the MySpace link to either read Studio205 on MySpace or load in a frame within the x10 site or load in a new window.
  9. amolpatil2k

    Please review, looking for any kind of feedback

    I got 406 errors on Not Acceptable An appropriate representation of the requested resource / could not be found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an...
  10. amolpatil2k

    Highly polished excellent site. Congrats. Also the comments and forum activity shows that there is a fair level of engagement. My only suggestions would be to concentrate a bit on SEO so that some traffic comes from Google. Also have a section for Newbies where you explain what was Far Cry 1...
  11. amolpatil2k

    Please review my site...

    Supermix, I have read the comments made by others about your site. It does seem to be a bit plain and awkward. My recommendation would be to use a CMS (content management system). OpenSourceCMS not only has information on a wide variety of free CMSes but also has live...
  12. amolpatil2k

    Review My Site

    Your site is nicely packaged. I didn't like the whitish graphic on the left of the header image. Also I didn't like the white graphic saying let's rebel together. It does not blend with the page. Instead shift this message to below the header image. Also the fonts are smaller than I would have...
  13. amolpatil2k

    Please Review

    The logo and background belong to Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrow not to a school. Of course, if that's the actual logo, then you have no say. Also I personally don't like the background image being stationary. Use a tiled unobstrusive pattern with the same colors as the logo and make...
  14. amolpatil2k

    My New Site - Free Gifts

    Hi there, I found a number of problems with the site. (1) Logo should have MyiStop.Net instead of all caps. I would also like the i to be in a different colour and net to be in small letter. Something to the effect My(i) where brackets indicate a different colour that stands out, say...
  15. amolpatil2k

    Tafe Student - Streeware clothing site

    There is some layout problem. The content is cut off on the left. On my comp, it starts from the CIAL of SPECIALS. I like the font and color scheme.
  16. amolpatil2k

    Review my webpage

    Hello Scott, Your site has many many problems in terms of usability, in the sense that, it does not have the usual logic that web surfers are accustomed to. (1) Flash Intro: A Flash intro puts off people. But let's say you absolutely need to have it, then the usual pactice is that you put it...
  17. amolpatil2k

    Please vote on new site!

    I like layout 2 except for the cloudy edges on the menus and sections. A sharp 1 pixel edge would be better. The first three sentences the visitor reads should be: (1) E85 is an alternative fuel as defined by the U.S. Department of Energy. (2) E85 is the term for motor fuel blends of 85...
  18. amolpatil2k

    I found three problems (1) The site should have a lot of content on the front page. It is too bare right now. (2) Same goes for videos page. It should have 10 videos. Also videos should have descriptions. (3) Do not stress on the register user part. First let the traffic build up and then offer...
  19. amolpatil2k

    New Site. Any advice or feedback?

    Very Nice. Nothing much to say. I liked the poll. The options and the way it worked. My only objection is remove from the home page, keep it on the blog if you wish. Also put a link like Blog or Enter or even Welcome that goes into the blog. This is because some people...
  20. amolpatil2k

    Any suggestions on how to improve my site?

    Because it is a brand new site, add a description of the site in your logo. Something like Smash PC! Boxes, Rigs, Consoles, Gimme the works!