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    absolute down

    This is killing me! I've been told so many times that my site is down. Common x10, you can do better than this.
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    Be honest...

    I did some changes. I added to dividers at the top and bottom of the page. (Copyright and Nav) I change the site of the table from 1000px to 445 PX. (show up better in other browsers, but on my Dell, it has some extra space at the bottom.) I also shrunk to banner
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    Be honest...

    Alright: I'm a beginner. I know that. But whenever I show my site to a friend or anyone the say "it looks great!" I know they're bias. My test site is (best viewed in FireFox, on my mac, it doesn't fit on the screen) Ignore the text/videos. I want to know if...
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    Who uses what program

    I used and MSpaint. I know... :nuts:
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    My test design

    Hey guys. I have a design I'm testing out on my site ( The banner is from my old UNI.CC domain, and there are some UNI.CC ads floating around. It's a dummy web design site, I don't really make sites for people. I did make all the sites in the portfolio, but, as you...
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    Password on my index?

    When I go to my main page ( I get a pop up aking me to loging to " " My cPanel password + Forum password don't work. When I click exit it brings me to the page "" and says You are not authorized to view this page I never even...
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    My first real site.

    This is my first REAL site. I made it in MS paint. Like it? Here