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  1. gnutellapoky

    What is your favorite old computer?

    Sorry, really late reply. Busy with school. I've put puppy linux in them since it is light. It's been a couple of years though so there should be lighter distros. I've heard of dsl but haven't tried it yet. I think the slowest of the computers I have it on is a pentiumII. (and they're like...
  2. gnutellapoky

    Post your specs

    I have a 2nd gen macbook pro with 2.33GHz 15" matte screen 256MB vram running OS 10.5.5 plus Ubuntu Studio, Fedora 9 and Windows XP Pro I need to replace the hard drive so I can quit packing an external drive but I might just upgrade to the newer one altogether.
  3. gnutellapoky

    What is your favorite old computer?

    I have old pcs that I have since installed linux on and they've never run smoother. One's an IBM netvista and the others Compaq. (I have sworn not to use Dells) But my favorite "old" computer is the powermac g3. The monster is a powerhouse. It has served as a great backup for our main home...
  4. gnutellapoky

    Dreamweaver vs Notepad?

    Dreamweaver is indeed powerful and in the hands of a pro can cut time and money. But take note...I said "in the hands of a pro". Meaning you will only achieve the promise of ease and speed when you know how to manipulate the program. Output is only as good as the input If your company wants to...
  5. gnutellapoky

    Is Adobe Fireworks worth it?

    Fireworks is mainly for "cool" web effects like rollovers and basic animations which could get real old if you're aiming for accessibility. It also makes creating banners and simple logos a breeze. Photoshop is more versatile (for the stuff I do anyway) since it can handle bitmaps and vectors to...
  6. gnutellapoky

    My money saving tips site (review)

    It has the feel of an infomercial. Is that your purpose? I generally shy away from sites like it since they give you a lot of fluff and no real useful information. Sorry for the stereotype.
  7. gnutellapoky

    can't login

    OK it was weird I logged in with the forum name then it seemed to let me through for a second but a warning box came up: An Error Has Occurred You must log in to view this page. So I came back here and I followed your link again then it let me through and I'm viewing my hosting account info...
  8. gnutellapoky

    can't login

    OK thanks for getting me unsuspended now I have a new problem...I can't login I get an error message that says: An Error Has Occurred The username specified does not exist I'm very sure I was using the right username and password I've even restarted my browser. Please help
  9. gnutellapoky

    account suspended suspension lift: undefined

    Reason: Default index page not changed Suspension lift on: Undefined didn't know if I should wait bec. of the "undefined" but posted for unsuspension
  10. gnutellapoky

    Macbook, Air, or Pro

    I have had a titanium powerbook and 2 powermacs (quicksilver and mdd) previously. I then moved to a macbook. I used it for 6 months and sold it before the original warranty expired. I couldn't get used to all the plastic (albeit posh). I'm currently using a macbook pro--1 system to rule them all...
  11. gnutellapoky

    best free html editor

    I recommend it, too. Can't beat the price!
  12. gnutellapoky

    Who uses what program

    I use the whole Adobe web premium CS3 plus inDesign for different needs. I like Illustrator the best but got started on Fireworks and Photoshop first. I've dabbled in Gimp back in 2004 but haven't gotten around to using it since I acquired Adobe CS.
  13. gnutellapoky

    Giving 20,000 credits for the best website design!

    OK I'll try my best to free up some time. Could I just apply the "new look" to a couple of your pages then so you would have an idea of how it would look? I'll do the entire site if you choose my design.
  14. gnutellapoky

    Giving 20,000 credits for the best website design!

    I'm new here but not new to web site design. I am tempted to remodel your site just because I am building my portfolio and I want to design for actual businesses and not just dummy companies. I know that the flash site you showed for reference really is a bad one (so any clean and decent design...