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    x10Hosting's Community Minecraft Server

    i made some stuff if you can find it that is :redface:
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    X10hosting is good hosting and very fast..

    i no! ur rite its evryware! but seriously: maybe they think posting on the forums will decrease the chances of something bad happening to their account or a deactivation or something? Honestly I don't know..
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    CP login problems (fris(same as others))

    I was just going to post this as a reply to somebody else's thread but it said I didn't have the permissions, so I'm making a new thread. Basically I'm just having the same problem as other people. I went from Absolut to Fris, isn't a valid page, and I can't sign in at any...
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    cannot log into hosting account

    I am too. I can't login or check my mail or anything :(