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  1. manzoor

    Earn money for searching the internet!

    looks like a scam to me. One thing is for sure on the internet, you cannot earn easy money, no where
  2. manzoor

    Contest: 2000 credits for visiting the website!

    in the about us page you have written : "Medgameplanet is a medical portal - through our website you can achieve what you want in medicine."
  3. manzoor

    lightning/storm/thunder text effect

    Edit: hey guys thanks for your efforts but my friend want his pic with black background and "respecT <Maya> aKa waRees" written on it with this text effect make the picture match with text effect reward:all...
  4. manzoor

    Is Chess a sport?

    the dictionary define chess as : sport n 1. competitive physical activity 2. pastime 3. somebody cheerful 4. somebody who plays fair 5. good companion 6. joking 7. derision 8. object of ridicule 9. somebody or something manipulated by others 10. gambler yes chess is sport then
  5. manzoor

    lightning/storm/thunder text effect

    i want a logo with lightning /storm/thunder text effect with "Maya" written on 100 credits any one ? although the price is less , i'll see if i could increase it more ;) EDIT: read this post
  6. manzoor

    What's the better linux distro?

    UBuntu great support, easy didnt have any problems setting up but i uninstalled due to my low hard disk 40 gb
  7. manzoor

    video converter

    hey can ne one tell me a good video converter which convert between the most files i mean software for converting b/w flv to avi like you know what im saying :D so is there any that converts between all the extensions or if there isnt which one converts the most files
  8. manzoor

    download a video

    Credits Sent javajenius: 200 Credits Thanks aospftw: 50 Credits you helped lil though :D
  9. manzoor

    download a video

    hey im downloading real player to see :D thanks man you'll get your credits if it worked and dont worry it my net isnt that slow and yeah did you downloaded the basic version of real player Well smith there are some websites that dont put the files on cache folder like youtube, i dont know...
  10. manzoor

    Ideas for a Website (mockups)

    the second one is better but you should add something beside the Logo or make it bigger the space their is looking like the site is under construction but it looks like to me and only me :D
  11. manzoor

    download a video

    flv files can be played looked in the cache and couldn't find one :(
  12. manzoor

    download a video

    hey i opened the link in firefox and it showed me a huge text full of symbols tried in IE and it showed me the video player only but it couldn't view the video neither got option to save it Price raised 200 credits for whoever did this please :D EDIT: the movie is loading but couldn't...
  13. manzoor

    download a video

    hey can any one tell me how to download this video from the website to the computer i need to store it on my cd 150 credits
  14. manzoor

    site review feedbacks please thanks
  15. manzoor

    domain question

    hey i'll be registering a domain with either or namecheap but to make my web I'll also need web hosting/space so is this possible that i use the space provided by x10hosting and register the domain at any registrar if so how can i ? Well I wont be doing anything against x10's TOS
  16. manzoor

    Useful shortcut keys

    Useful Windows shortcuts Windows: Display the Start menu Windows key + R = Displays RUN command Windows key + D: Minimize or restore all windows Windows key + E: Display Windows Explorer Windows key + F: Display Search for files Windows key + Ctrl + F: Display Search for computer Windows...
  17. manzoor

    Linux GUIDE

    I want to install Slackware distro in my pc with WINDOWS XP SP2 I want to format all my data and create new partition but I dont know how to ( I ONLY KNOW HOW TO FORMAT ) Can any one tell me a guide or tutorial which will help me install slackware with xp ( I know how to install xp alone ;) )...
  18. manzoor

    ShipIt Ubuntu

    Any one received CDs yet from ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ?? ? ? ? ? I wanted to learn Linux so am trying to learn Ubuntu.
  19. manzoor

    Trackball or Mouse

    Any one here uses trackball ?? Which one would you like to use and why ? Mouse or Trackball ? I have also heard that trackball cause less strain on hands and wrists but haven't experienced this my self and I'm fine with my mouse What about you ?
  20. manzoor

    Want to Sell credits

    I want to sell all my credits Payment will be processed through PayPal only I don't know how much they are worth so you bid