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    Jast Passing By...

    Hi guys, I just thought it would be rude not to pass by, so that's what I am doing. I haven't been here for a while and wanted to see my old friends here @ x10. So, hello everyone! I am currently using another small host which doesn't have the ads or much downtime. The place I'm at has let...
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    Sub-Domain Revert

    Can I have my Domain Name re-verted to please.
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    Re-set Account Password

    domain: Hopefully, this is all you need!
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    cPanel Password No-Longer Working The password does not work. It did yesterday. Is this a tradegy?
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    Advanced Forum Mods Installion

    I am offering Forum Mod installation from 20 points up, per Mod, per forum. If you are not so experienced in installing mods, then I can help. I will not agree to install mods on illegal (cracked) bulletin boards. I will offer to install Mods for the following... SMF1 up IPB1.2 up IPB2 up...
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    ImageMagick Is Out-Of-Date

    Hello, o X10 hosting people. There is a problem for vBulletin users. I really need to get ImageMagick. I know it's on the server, but ... Can ImageMagick Please be Upgraded? Thanks a million. If not just me, other things will also...
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    ImageMagick Dosen't work!

    I'm trying to get ImageMagick to work on my vBulletin, but this is what happens... [/size] This is exactly what I see. as an error. What is wrong? I set it to '/usr/bin' what have I missed?