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    CAPTCHA Tutorial

    Very good tut..Ty!
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    Support Queue

    Ex...Registrations closed when i want to make account :S
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban Ichwar becouse of stupid Avatar
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    Count to 1 Million

    669: The worst number xD
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    Forum game <King of the hill>

    I killed ichwar and claimed the hill :D
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    game: kill the above user

    I kill alexandgruntz whit AK 47 xD
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    [game} Rename the person above you

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    Guess Who Posts Next

    False i use Linux xD I Guess next will be WoW Freak :D
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    Great Hosting

    Welcome dude :)
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    Hey guys my name is Nemanja im from Serbia and i hope we will have fun together.Nemanja ;)