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  1. bberryx1

    page not found

    My site is also randomly getting a 404 Error message It worked fine two days ago and I was faithfully logging into the community forums once a month to make sure it didn't get suspended. Hopefully this is only a temporary issue.
  2. bberryx1

    Unable to log into wordpress dashboard

    My site's front end works fine. But when I try to log into the Wordpress dashboard at, instead of taking me there i get a 404 message saying the page can't be found. What should I do?
  3. bberryx1

    Randomly Having Problems Logging into my Wordpress Dashboard

    For the convenience of whoever reads this, I have linked examples of my dilemma below. I logged into my website to update it. However, instead of being directed to the standard Wordpress dashboard as would be the custom, I now get directed to this 404 Error. Any ideas? Thank you for your...
  4. bberryx1

    I've Maxed Out My 512 MB of Disk Space

    I'm a little confused. I thought x10 hosting was free and unlimited. I've reached the 512 MB limit for disk space on my site tonight. Wondering what my options are going forward.
  5. bberryx1

    HTML Error in Wordpress When Uploading Media

    Sorry, I read it wrong, it was an HTTP Error. I'd show you the screenshot but it won't let me post it into a page on my site so you can see it. It should be a simple browse the JPeg and insert it into your post sort of thing...but for some reason it's acting up. I haven't found anything on the...
  6. bberryx1

    HTML Error in Wordpress When Uploading Media

    I use Wordpress as a CMS to upload content to my website...but lately I have been receiving HTML Error messages which prevent me from uploading content. Just wondering why this happens and how I can fix it.
  7. bberryx1

    Database Error. Why?

    I opened my web browser this morning (My website is my homepage) and it was reporting a random Database Error (with the white screen and everything) It was working just fine up til this morning. I'm just wondering why this happens?
  8. bberryx1

    Wordpress 3.6 Will Not Install Automatically

    Whatever the issue was, it randomly fixed itself when I tried to do an automatic update this morning. Thanks for your help guys!
  9. bberryx1

    Wordpress 3.6 Will Not Install Automatically

    Still trying to track down that .maintainence file. Any idea what directory that would be in?
  10. bberryx1

    Wordpress 3.6 Will Not Install Automatically

    Hey, I've been enjoying x10's free hosting services for a few months now. I am using Wordpress to help manage my site, and it has worked excellently until recently. I went to install the update to Wordpress 3.6 expecting everything to update smoothly as ever. Unfortunately I get this screen...