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  1. edu2004eu

    So..... CRONS, anybody?

    Up! Anyone?
  2. edu2004eu

    So..... CRONS, anybody?

    I submitted a support ticket about this before, and I'll submit one now. Cron jobs still don't seem to be working. I am 100% sure that my script should run, but it doesn't. So could anybody look into it? Thank you.
  3. edu2004eu

    What happened to my database?!

    are you guys on lotus? i'm getting the same. probably the upgrade isn't finished or something went wrong. don't worry, it will be fixed.
  4. edu2004eu


    For god's sake people, read the announcement! The MySQL server is down on some servers. Have some patience and I'm sure it will be fixed in a few hours.
  5. edu2004eu

    Support request seems to have vanished into the ether.

    Well let's see. In the past 24 hours there have been over 120 help requests. So my guess is that the staff closed it by accident in all this mess.
  6. edu2004eu

    /tmp on lotus

    That certainly is weird (are you on the same server?). You're probably right, the difference should be in the implementation. Once again I'm 'upp-ing' this post, in hope that some admins help us. Thank you.
  7. edu2004eu

    /tmp on lotus

    LOL there's no use hiding the errors if the users can't - let's say - login to the site, right? (I personally use sessions for the login)
  8. edu2004eu

    /tmp on lotus

    Am having the exact same problem, on the same server. Any help?
  9. edu2004eu

    New user who needs to start working with mySQL

    You need to change your script. It should connect to engpron_elearn. Cause you can't change the DB name to 'elearn' only. The DB name is composed of your CPanel username an underscore and the DB name you created in CPanel. The idea is: change the mysql_select_db() function and the...
  10. edu2004eu

    Sessions don't work

    Umm... kind of important... Anyone?
  11. edu2004eu

    Sessions don't work

    Sessions don't work at all. I've looked in the error_log and it says: [08-Apr-2010 03:19:40] PHP Warning: Unknown: write failed: No space left on device (28) in Unknown on line 0 [08-Apr-2010 03:19:40] PHP Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current...
  12. edu2004eu

    Crons and x10 down?

    They both work now -- crons and the x10 page. This thread can be closed, thank you.
  13. edu2004eu

    Crons and x10 down?

    Yes they did. And the x10 page gives me the same as the Error code: DEADBEEF topic.
  14. edu2004eu

    Crons and x10 down?

    My site works (on lotus server), but crons don't seem to be running at all. No error shows up (although I'm sure that the script should work). Is this part of the move? Also the x10hosting page doesn't work.
  15. edu2004eu

    [OFFR] Banner Add On My site

    Any info on how many uniques you get a month?
  16. edu2004eu

    Review Smart Mac V2

    I like the site... especially the Mac-like minimize, maximize and close buttons :) nice template.
  17. edu2004eu

    Please review

    I would add a background color to the box in which the content is in. And I don't like the background of the page. As a matter of content, I would expect historical dates and stuff...
  18. edu2004eu

    [REQ][50 Credits per issue]Beta Testers wanted

    URL: Error code: none, it says it has modified it successfully Description: when I try to change any field (from edit my record), if I type in the (double)quotes ( " ), it doesn't show them or anything I type after that. You...
  19. edu2004eu

    [off][all my credits]free raffle

    Ticket please?
  20. edu2004eu

    No I didn't find any method to do so :( Sorry can't help.

    No I didn't find any method to do so :( Sorry can't help.