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    Signup for 50 credits!

    Hmmm well I thought that this broke the rules, but he put a non-refferal link.
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    I agree this belongs in "Introductions"!
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    Adobe CS3 vs Adobe CS4

    i use photoshop cs4 it is better and easier for me :D
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    Tutorial: PHP/MySQL Membership System

    Yeah, this is a good tut! Thanks!
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    35 Credits. Put link in your sig

    Done. Link added.
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    300 Credits for Logo design

    By the way your site link isnt working....
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    My freeware apps!

    The site looks great so far! I agree that its easy to use too.
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    Which Day do you Prefer?

    Saturday, I could do whatever I want. :D!!!! For a second choice I would say Friday also because its the last school day of the week.
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    Using Xampp

    I port forwarded in my isp which is verizon :D
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    I think so! :)
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    Game Trainers - Do you think they make a game fun?

    It might ruin the fun for you if ya did use a trainer ;)
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    At what age did you first get a website?

    got a site when i was 10 lol
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    To Get And Show The IP via Javascript

    Great tut! I've wanted to know how to do that sometimes lol
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    ForMoney Review Flash Site Please

    Flash is slow on my browser which is even Chrome! Although its nice graphics
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    Hotmail always has problems connecting from other clients

    Gmail doesn't ever let you down though. :D
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    Introducing Wix...FREE TO MAKE FLASH SITES!

    Yeah, wix is a great program. +rep :)
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    Earn quick credits!

    Rated it up :)
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    Win all my credits

    Ill join too :D
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    Mozilla Ubiquity

    Looks very cool. Im gonna try it :D
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    What are some other free hosts that you been with?

    This might not belong here too. And I think you can't post links to other webhosts here.