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  1. Nate_Benton

    GML Tutorial?

    Does anybody know of a good beginner Game Maker Language tutorial? I haven't programmed before, so if anybody knows of a tutorial that runs over everything I need to know, and is beginner friendly, can you please post it? Thanks, Nate.
  2. Nate_Benton


    I'm creating a site and want to use this "effect" where its the same php page, but its like different sites, with id's though. I'm dumb with php, so if anybody can run down how to do this, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  3. Nate_Benton

    PHP Geeks

    Hey, I'm looking for some help. How would I export an xml datafeed to php? Returning something like "Person has been in chat for 1 week, 4 days, 7 hours, 32 minutes and 45 seconds". Is this possible?
  4. Nate_Benton

    News and update manager? Is that site using any kind of software for their news and updates? If so, what is it? Pretty much, does anybody know of any software or easy script I could use to get an effect like that, which is free?
  5. Nate_Benton

    Final Fantasy I

    In the original Final Fantasy I, what gender do you think the black and white mages are?
  6. Nate_Benton

    New Rule

    Okay, I'm sick of seeing it. Shorthand. As in "ne1" or "how bout dis?" I've been seeing this lately, and when it gets to the point where staff can't even understand what you are saying due to your shorthand, then there needs to be a stop. Feel free to discuss the matter in this thread. I want...
  7. Nate_Benton

    For those RPG Maker guys.

    I'm really good at spriting. If you guys need anything for an RPG Maker 2k/2k3 game, let me know. I'll do it free of charge, since I love spriting. Currently, you can find some of my work, at If you click on the author drop up thingy...
  8. Nate_Benton

    As of November 25th, Please Read

    As of right now, unless you're being hosted on our corporate server, there is no need to apply for support. Everybody's accounts will be down. The server is being cleaned. It'll be wiped. Expected time for clean-up to complete will be around Sunday. That means if you requested a ticket to get...
  9. Nate_Benton

    RPG Maker 2k-2k3

    Is anybody using RPG Maker 2000 or RPG Maker 2003? I just started playing around with 2000 and am coming up with a full game already! Its fun! If you are using either, post about your experiences, and share story lines of your games, and characters. If you could, provide screenshots. :)
  10. Nate_Benton

    New IRC channel.

    If you just want to hangout, or get X10hosting support, there is now #X10 on Please, come one in and hangout, hope you see you there!
  11. Nate_Benton

    Chain Letter

    ~hello my name is _______, i am suffering from rare and deadly ~diseases, poor scores on final exams, fear of being kidnapped and executed ~by anal electrocution, and guilt for not forwarding over 50 billion f***ing ~chain letters sent to me by people who actually believe that...
  12. Nate_Benton

    Sign up script

    Yes, we know, the sign up script is currently down. You may get the e-mail error message saying that the e-mail did not match, when there is only one place to input an e-mail. We will let you know when the script is up, currently we're cleaning the servers before we get the script up. Please...
  13. Nate_Benton

    Zelda Classic

    Do you remember the old nintendo classic The Legend of Zelda? Armageddon Games has a program called Zelda Classic, which comes with ZQuest, a program that you can use to make your own Quests to play with Zelda Classic. Zelda Classic comes with the original quests...
  14. Nate_Benton

    Rainbow Six Lockdown

    Anybody else play this yet? I love this game and think its better then most Rainbow six games :)
  15. Nate_Benton

    Subdomain keeps appearing...

    Hi, I registered parked it onto my account Now what I do is connect through FTP and upload a folder called nalyssa. But when I go to it changes to I've tried everything. I don't want the x10 subdomain to...
  16. Nate_Benton

    Is this true?

    I thought I remembered reading that the text ad doesn;t have to be placed on the top of the page, it can be on the bottom. Is true or am I thinking of something else?
  17. Nate_Benton

    DYNDNS Domains Work?

    Does anybody know of a Dynamic DNS service that allows you to point the domain to a name server, instead of an IP?
  18. Nate_Benton

    How long does it take?

    I'm sorry I know the staff here work really hard, but I was just curios how long it takes for your application for free hosting usualy takes to be read by staff? I don't mean to be a bother, and I know the staff work hard, I was just curios :)
  19. Nate_Benton


    I still haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Nate, 23 years old, and live in Michigan, nice to meet you!