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  1. ak007

    Good Bye X10hosting

    Well Its Time To Say Good Bye To X10hosting I Spent A good Time With X10 Very good Support And Members But Sadly Due To Down Times i have To Leave But Still X10 Is The Best Free Host Around So Please Mod Terminate My Forums As well As Hosting Account Info : Username : pisj subdomain ...
  2. ak007

    Server Down :S

    The Server Is Down Again :S
  3. ak007

    ZEND/PHP Framework Conference

    Ive Just Attended Zend Conference Which Was About Their Framework For PHP Going To Be Released Soon Ive Just captured Some Screen Shots To Tell You About Their Plans :owned:
  4. ak007

    Selling Template

    [OFF] Selling Template Ok Im Selling Template Monster (legal) Template Preview : Full Wit PSD FLA Only For 300 Points ! Why So Expensive? LOL Ive Buyed That For 61 US Dollars Not Stolen It From Somwhere Else Also Got the Order Email
  5. ak007

    [OFF]Scripts Services

    Ok im Offerings Scripts Services like Script installation Integration Mod's Installation Database repair(Mysql) And Other PHP Services To Buy Discussion board Installation Services , Here Are The Price List. ;) Invision Power Board 2.0.x And 2.1.x ---------------20 Points Vbulletin 3.0.x And...
  6. ak007

    Wierd Wierd Problem

    When I Goto My Site I get Microsoft IIS "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" Page See The Screenshot Even When i Connect To the FTP Server I get somethings wrong with theplanet ? my INFo username : pisj Server : 70.xx.xx.xx Package : x10cooperate EDIT: My Site Is Not Working At all
  7. ak007

    Upgrade to MYSQL 5?

    can You Guys Upgrade MYSQL To 5? Cuz The Stable Version Is Released
  8. ak007

    1000+ Gmail invites

    I Know Most Of the People Got Gmail Accounts Today But Some People Still Need An Account , For those Still Need An Account Reply With Their Current Email ;)
  9. ak007

    Hotmail is in perl

    Microsoft Developed ASP and .NET Platform But Don't Know Why they Developed hotmail In PERL?
  10. ak007

    Your Favourite Scripting Language

    Vote For Your Favourite Scripting Language
  11. ak007

    Random Images And text

    Heres A Very Simple Tutorial For Displaying Random Images And Text Lets Start With Random Images ------------ Functions We Will Use: shuffle() ------------ <?php $images = array("whacky.jpg" , "bush.jpg" , "xxx.jpg" , "BooM.jpg" , "blah.png"); shuffle($images); echo "<img...
  12. ak007

    Protect Your Code

    First Of All I apologize For My Bad English ;) And Its The 0.2 Version Of The Tutorial I Will Update It Accordignly Intro: If You Are A Webdeveloper And Distributing Your Scripts Freely All Over The Net. So For The Credit You Will Include "Powered By Your Software" (Like In PHPBB,IPB,VB) At...
  13. ak007

    Simple Image Upload [PHP]

    Ive Made This Simple Image Upload Script For Use In Uploading Images Like Screenshots Sigs or Avatars Currently in Beta (Made In 10 min ;) ) Some Features : Easy To Setup Filesize Limit Format Limit (Only Images) Random File Name Genration According To User Input And Type Eaisly Integrate With...
  14. ak007

    Server down?

    Can Anyone Tell me Why The Server IS Down All The Time (Pcriot) i mean every day its unavailable for about two to three hours
  15. ak007

    Subdomain Not Working

    Username :pisj subdomain : hxxp:// Hey My Subdomain is Not Working I can Login To Cpanel Using The Ip Address but my subdomain is not working working