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    Should I buy a VPS?

    I am just wondering if it is worth it, As i need a site that loads fast, with no lag or very little. So is it worth it to buy it?
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    Nice program to tell you everything about your computer

    are you running windows or MAC? or what are you running, if running xp, vista, or win 7 it should already be there.
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    Direct X 11 Graphics Cards

    couldn't agree more with you xav0989, when the ati 5870 first came out with there beta drivers my friend went out and bought it and got the drivers, he had worse performance then his old 4800 series card, just gotta wait till there stable.
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    Upgrading my computer

    If you need a new power supply go with corsair they make great products that you can rely on. Also don't short change yourself with that 4890 as I said earlier for 189$ on new egg get the 5770 (get the open looking one as it stays cooler then the closed one) and your computer will be great...
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    Direct X 11 Graphics Cards

    Just a friendly heads up when you put 2 ati cards together they call it crossfirex not sli (:
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    Whats your internet quality & speed?

    Not bad, but could be better.
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    Hello Archcode here!

    Hi, I am archercode Archcode for short. I am a computer tech master, I know almost everything about processors, graphics cards, ram, hard drives, operating systems, cases, cooling, overclocking, motherboards(still learning motherboards) If you have Any questions about any of these things feel...
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    Nice program to tell you everything about your computer

    If you are ever curious what specs your computer has, you can go to your start menu and search for DXDIAG this will open up a program that will tell you the speed of your processor, the type of processor you have, how much ram, your BIOS, system-model, and just about anything else you need to know.
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    What is the memory of your Graphic Card.

    I have the ATI 5770 so I have 1 gig of DDR5 ram, It is the XFX version and I am rocking my Directx 11.
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    Review my rig :)

    As of right now my "rig" is the: Processor- AMD phenom II x4 925 HHD-1tb hard drive 5400 rpm Graphics card- ATI 5770 Ram- 8 gigs of DDR3 1066Mhz Power supply- 650W corsair Motherboard-AMD 785G (updating soon) and for anything else i might be forgetting My computer is a beast.
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    How much RAM do you have?

    I have 8 gigs of ddr3 ram running at 1066mhz now 1066 is a little slow but with 8 gigs i can have a lot of programs open at one time so it really doesn't matter that the ram runs a little slow.
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    Upgrading my computer

    Ok if your going to spend the money on the 4890 you should think about the ati 5750 or the ati 5770 because they come with DDR5 not DDR3 and you get Directx 11 for just a few bucks more. you'll get better performance and your games will look better. The ati 5770 is $199.9 from best buy or $189...
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    Direct X 11 Graphics Cards

    Right now I own the ATI 5770, No Nvidia cards use DDR5 OR have Directx 11, if you really want dx11 (which is great) And you want a cheaper card with more performance go with ATI 5000 series! They are cheaper and come with a double lifetime warranty if you get the xfx versions.