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  1. Usman

    All Gone

    I can't access my website , my control panel , my x10hosting subdomain nothing, I registered and then requested to change the root domain from to and after a long period my subdomain was changed to domain but by mistake it...
  2. Usman

    Upgardes Section

    In upgrades section , when the requested upgared is done the thread must be deleted after the upgarde confirmation.
  3. Usman

    Web 2 Messenger Invites (OFFER)

    Want Web 2 Messenger Invitation Invitation Just For 25 Points Donate The Points And Get The Great Web 2 Messenger Service
  4. Usman

    Web 2 Messenger is a brand-new service that allows people to send you messages from the web to MSN Messenger. You can redirect people to your personal Send Message page, or create your own Send Message page on your blog or personal website. You can even send a member a message when he or she...
  5. Usman

    Gmail Invitations

    Gamils Invitations Only For 5 Points
  6. Usman

    Mailing List

    Dear Admins, There must be a mailing list by which all of users can be updated in case of any emergency , like before some days dns crashed and users aren't able to access the x10hosting accounts and the main website too. so if there will be a mailing list out of x10hosting servers it will help...
  7. Usman


    I have a suggestion for x10hosting This time users cannot add their domains to x10hosting account cpanel, to add they have to contact x10hosting and post for subdomain to domain upgrade in the forum, But i think x10hosting must allow users to add thier domain themselves in the cpanel. Thank you
  8. Usman

    Dream Car

    The self-driving car comes closer—but difficulties remain IT IS an old chestnut—a car that drives itself—but General Motors, the world's largest car manufacturer, has become the latest company to claim to be building one. The car uses updated technology combined with several existing...
  9. Usman

    In Case Of Emergency

    This message is for ALL THE MOBILE USERS. Please take a minute off and implement the recommendation for the benefit of your near and dear ones. I C E Due to the recent bombing in London and floods in Mumbai, there has been a tremendous push to launch the International "In Case of Emergency"...
  10. Usman

    Messenger Plus

    401,683 signatures. 10,137 pieces of paper. 110 pounds or 50 kilograms. 33 feet or 10 meter high. That's what Microsoft can expect on their doorstep this week, because Patchou has sent a printed version of the MSAS petition over to Redmond. About a month ago, the Messenger Plus! developer...
  11. Usman

    A Little About Me

    Hi, My Name Is Usman Shahid I Am Living In Saudi Arabia But I Belong From Pakistan I Am A Student Of Hssc-II (Computer Science) Hope I Will Enjoy Here Too Much My Best Wishes Are With X10Hosting Staff As They Are PRoviding Best Services I Ever Seen And I Hope They Will Be Best Free Hosting...
  12. Usman

    Upgrade Needed

    Name: Usman Subdomain: Hosting Plan: Static Upgrade Needed: Change Subdomain To Domain Reason: I have my own domain to be used
  13. Usman

    Domain Problem

    Dear Admin, I am a new user of x10hosting and i found it great service, I have a problem with domain, i pointed my domain to: -> -> and on cpanel parked domain section i tried to add it and until yet i can't see...