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    getting depressed over 503 and pdo

    So how bout the rest of us with 503s? Free AND premium?
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    Error 503 on my website

    Then where's the progress? Why are our sites still down for over a bloody week? Why haven't we been updated on the situation since that initial post?
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    Error 503 on my website

    Nope, you're not. I've had it all bloody week, and no one's doing a thing about it, seemingly.
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    503 error on SMF only?

    This is ridiculous. I'm on SMF too, and I've been bombarded by people asking me about my site for a week now, with no sign that you guys are doing ANYTHING to fix it. As soon as I can get to my files, I'm sorry, but I'm looking elsewhere, because this outage has absolutely killed any momentum...
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    Pointless Question Time

    I had a site on here for a bit, that eventually died off, and I forgot to renew the suspension in time. I know the answer I'm likely going to get is an unfavorable one, but I'll ask anyways: is there ANY way you guys can recover it somehow? Just for memory's sake? If not, that's fine. Just sad...
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    Can't Access My Site!

    Getting the same thing on both my sites. Starka problem? Gah... This always happens at the worst possible times, I swear.
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    G Corporation - Tekken forum project

    Got tired of the current lineup of Tekken forums, so I went and made my own, based on the simple principle of just having fun with the series again, without any of the drama or elitism that other sites have. Still small and as of late slightly inactive, though. Any ideas about what I should do...
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    Resource Limits and forums

    Now, I know there's a new policy about resource limits and all that. Not sure I like it, but whatevs, what's done is done. My issue with this is, I run two SMF forums on X10 servers, one of which I just launched this morning. It's had a rather large amount of traffic compared to what I...