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  1. nexhunter

    Windows 8 Dev Preview build

    anyone else downloading it right now :D
  2. nexhunter

    Bruins win it all!!!!!!

    anyone else still happy as death
  3. nexhunter

    commence your screaming like little girls bf2 fans

    Battlefield Blog I know I am excited like a little school girl for this to come out I just hope that DICE will support mod tools and eventually increase the amount that are playable on the pc *BF2 has reached 128 players...
  4. nexhunter

    BF2 1.5patch

    from tgn forums.
  5. nexhunter

    multiplayer notepad
  6. nexhunter

    Michael Jackson reported dead

    Michael Jackson dies Jun 25, 2009 L.A Times and the A.P, and fox news have reported that M.J has died due to cardiac arrest, other news sources report that he is in a coma. No one is sure as even the family attorney can...
  7. nexhunter

    Personal Site Design

    I'm working on a new personal website design and wondering how does this design look so far I'm trying to do a retro comic style design. all criticism is welcome as long as it is borderline sane unlike me
  8. nexhunter

    Overscan on lcd

    K for the past month my lcd has been doing wierd stuff like when i exit out of full screen games the screen position for the desktop keeps shifting and whenever i try to reset it the screen has like a strip of black on the right side usually and i know there not dead pixels as currently i have...
  9. nexhunter

    New template

    Well i've been working on this template for about like a month now well deciding on the colors and the font. When I can actualy code this or if somone does it going to be a fluid width and fluid hieght. The logos in the news box arn't going to stay as i just putted them there to fill up the...
  10. nexhunter

    navigation help (php) k im using that tutorial and it is working but does anyone know what i have to do so the script looks into a subdirectory for the files instead of where the index file is. <?php if(!isset($_GET['id'])) { include "id/main.php"...
  11. nexhunter

    community script

    i got a question can i use community script becuase i dont want to test and find out it using too much resources and over stressing the servers and then have alot of down times for other users and cause more stress
  12. nexhunter

    new web template please leave comments negative and positives help me with developing the new template. The theme isn't 100% done it more like 20% done.
  13. nexhunter

    new layout in photoshop I am working on a second template i am going to move the first template which is still being worked on into the gfx community as most of it will be driven around the forums not the website. For this layout i am using adobe photoshop...
  14. nexhunter

    php codeing

    I will pay 200 credits if anyone can successfully add a cms to this template cms if you could put in it *cms tutorial* I will pay 300 - 400 credits to anyone that can edit the files properly without any...
  15. nexhunter

    Php codes headers

    I am making a cms using a tutorial from I am also using the log in script the one that uses database
  16. nexhunter

    New webdesign underwork I am trying to do a minimalistic design i won't mind negative feedbacks. Since this has been my only 2nd attempt at fireworks in making a site that works somewhat properly besides using cms and everything else already made. Currently you can only access...
  17. nexhunter

    Php error(solved)

    :lockd: me didn't see the risk in that code
  18. nexhunter

    New web layout but a few questions I used fireworks then trial of microsoft expression web designer. And i got some questions if no one minds answering. 1.Does anyone know how to make a phpbb3 login box so it can show on an html page while the forum files are in a sub folder called forum? 2. If I...
  19. nexhunter

    Ad placement for ad ehanced corperate

    K I'm using a new template for my site until i can actually code slices from photoshop or fireworks into xhtml and the ad is messing up the template somewhat is it k. If i put the advertisement into a spry tabs and have it default open when the page loads or i can't do that. I'm currently lost...
  20. nexhunter

    Account Linking

    Yesterday when i signed up everything was working fine and now today i have just logged onto the forum and then try to get my advertisement code on my phpbb3 forum set so it displays on the login and the admin pages also and now when i try to access the account panel to get the code for the...