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  1. deebigtym3playa

    Account Got Suspended

    hey my friends/my account got suspended but we dont know the reason... we think its bcuz of the ads not being on each page... we tried to do get ads on everypage but it would not work so i just put the ad on the bottom of everypage... i was using Mkportal so i asked around and i could not get a...
  2. deebigtym3playa

    Needed poster to keep upto date on PS3 and Xbox 360 info

    Hey i need members for my site to keep my site up to date on PS3 and Xbox 360 you will be granted private member ship on the forum to win stuff every month... and you will have other thing that you will enjoy... if you are interested then plz PM me or go to and apply for...
  3. deebigtym3playa

    Check the site now...

    Gamers R Us hey chek this site and plz comment on how it can be better... and if u would like plz register.
  4. deebigtym3playa

    Check out this site...

    Hey chek out this site and rate it... Click here