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    Basic SEO for Newbie as of 2012

    wow my eye almost fell off reading. it was worth the read. thanks. :)
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    Premium User - how to add nameserver with IPv4?

    thanks for trying to help esselar. really appreciate it. :) my ticket was answered just now. also i don't know where the premium support channel since the login portal is different from free hosting where on free you just click community.
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    Premium User - how to add nameserver with IPv4?

    hi, i pointed my nameserver to ns1/ but my current domain host requires i put the IPv4. where can i find my accounts IPv4?
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    nevermind i didn't notice the status pending. it's working now. i love x10.. :D from 2 years freehosting to premium. getting vps soon. :D
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    hi, i just purchased a premium hosting. where can i access my cpanel so i could add my domain? :S
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    Basic SEO for Newbie as of 2012

    @essellar wow my eyes almost fell.. but i learned something from you today. :)
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    Cant login to cpanel

    i have the exact same problem.. sigh
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    File Manager Error

    good morning, i have been having some issue on the file manager on my cpanel since upgrading my account to prime. whenever i access the file manager/legacy file manager i get a (*fetching directory contents... then "data error" ) error. the file manager doesn't show any files or folder...
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    good evening, just wanted to ask the nameserver for ns1 and ns2. it's been a while since i updated my domain and my old domain had expired and the cloudflare info doesn't show me anything. thanks
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    Purchased Paid Subscription

    hi, i made a purchase order for 1 year prime membership. How long does it take to take effect? or better how will i know. :) thank you.
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    my site..your thoughts...

    looks great dude. good job! :)
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    100 Dollar Riches

    sorry bud, but this is a scam site..
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    How can i see flash on ipad?

    well, jailbroken ios with frash can view flash on any ios devices. :) if you're looking for native playback on IOS, then convert your video to something that IOS supports (e.g HTML 5 Videos).
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    Gaming site, please tell me what to change or add

    hi m8t! first of all your definitely right about games, they are great! for the theme, you could have created something from scratch or something with at least gantry, warp or something else since you get more control over your theme. Multigaming Lernvid is a 2009 template. for the main page, i...
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    Count to 1 Million

    2485 you gotta be kidding me. lol
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    You can't make money without money.

    you can actually, with services. but you can make more money investing your hard earned money doubling it. :P
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    x10Premium Hosting inquiry

    thanks for the prompt reply. I'm sorry if i was a bit misleading there, what i meant about the re-seller account was that the developer who made/managed our site way back in 1997 placed our site on a re-seller account which he's earning way more than who knows and without our knowledge until...
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    x10Premium Hosting inquiry

    good evening guys, i have a current site hosted on some re-sellers account since 1997. I am planning on terminating the account with them this January (since we're paying them yearly). So i was wondering if the premium account would be sufficient to handle our current traffic which is not that...
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    I am confused which one to use among Corel Draw X5 or Adobe Illustrator CS5.5?

    depends on your purpose. if you're working on large sized illustration (like billboards) then i would go with corel. both has its own strength and weakness. but basically, it all depends on the user (some would go for corel while other would suggest illustrator). both are great (not mentioning...