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    X10hosting - Web server software ERROR

    When I was trying to install a script to my web (which it is very hard to be done) I faced this little problem when I started the install file the message was: Then I did a little search on google and this the first page the pages content...
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    Unable to sign up issue

    hi I'm facing a little problem in signing up to your service please can any one from the stuff do it for me manually . Below is the sign up details: cPanel Username : beisan-net Email : Subdomain : hosting plan:Adenhanced(Corporate) Do you agree to the...
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    PHPBB forum issue

    no own can help me no members no moderators no admins.
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    PHPBB forum issue

    Hi When ever I build my own phpbb3 forum from the cpanel or by uploading another one ,I can manage my forum Just at the first time. But when I sign out and I just cant sign in again. Plz help me with this.
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    PHPBB admin login

    After I installed my PHPBB forum it was OK ,I managed it modified it .But when I logged out and logged in again I couldn't access my admin area . Now I can access the forum as a user but not as an admin. It keeps telling me my username or my password are wrong but I checked them many times and I...
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    Phpbb help

    Re: Phpbb Yes I know that. I want to create two forums English and Arabic. The English one now is created. But the other .........not yet.
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    PHPBB style

    OK thanks;):biggrin::biggrin:
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    A little Q

    I know it is a silly question but I have to ask it : What is the 3rd party apps and examples and how do they work ?
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    PHPBB style

    OK thanks man . But do you know any style which I can upload until I build my own.
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    Just a simple Halo 2 Logo

    very nice ,which prog do you use?
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    PHPBB style

    Hi I just want to know if any one have any ideas about how to create my own style. Please I need first the way in how to make my style ,then a good idea. Note my forum will be about IT skills and Internet.
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    Phpbb help

    Hi ruwhen I try to change any name of any forum into Arabic language.It shows for me an error message .I think that it is in the data base . While I already chosen the Arabic as my default language and it works. Simply every thing in the forum is Arabic except the names of the forums. Any...
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    This certificate has expired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Finally when I'm trying to figure out my problem I found this one: please look at the attached picture.
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    A Question

    Can any one tell me what is that damn VOX problem? plz I'm so confused .too many people are talking about it and I don't know any thing about that ,and the phrase "I don't know" just doesn't work for me.
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    Hey plz answer this one

    Which web control panel is better: C panel (like yours) or Vista panel.
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    500 internal server error

    the link of the file is: but, what permissions do you mean?
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    500 internal server error

    500 Internal Server Error .Always I see that message when I try to open my install.php the error message is: then I requestaed the intemidiate config for php but the prob stillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll:mad::mad:. Please...
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    Review My Site

    Oh yeah , thats a good site the rolling pictures 0the arranging of site's parts . If you ,as you are saying a biginner programer So how did you create your site .I want something good to create my own.
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    Get 100% up to $400 bonus.Just one click!

    Hi please don't use poker as away of gaining money .You must earnyour own money. As they say "easy come,easy go". Its all wrong ,just imagine your self ,you spend 6 days a week in you work, and when you gamble with it maybe you will lose all of them .Then ,what did you gain from that? Please...