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    How many have upgraded to Windows 10 ?

    Hi Alan Many thanks for replying. Did you backup Windows 10 in case you wanted it later? If so, how? I'm having problems getting around the Windows UEFI to allow the new PC to boot from a DVD and thus install Linux Mint, which I have on my older PC and am now loving more and more! I'm also...
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    How many have upgraded to Windows 10 ?

    Me too - that's exactly my experience and what I think. HOWEVER I have just bought a new PC and it has windows 10 on it. :meh: My plan is to dual-boot the new PC Linux Mint/ windows and keep a minimum of windows 10 on it. At present, I am trying to work out how to migrate all the Linux Mint...
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    How many have upgraded to Windows 10 ?

    After using Windows XP, I went to Linux Mint and am very happy with it.
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    Error checking mail

    When I open my Gmail account on my PC to go to the Gmail Inboxes etc, I see this message just below the Google Mail search box: "Error checking mail for design@[account name] Details Dismiss " Clicking on 'Details' gives: Authentication error. Mail from this account has not been...
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    Untrusted Connection

    It's saying the same via Firefox and Google in April 2014, although it wasn't for me before then!