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    Suspended Account

    Thank you! I was not posting before because the rules said that any request about the appeal should be considered an offense so... In any case, I wil sign up again. Is it possible to sign up with my own domain? In the account portal I only see options for 3 subdmoains, but not my own. Thank you...
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    Suspended Account

    I never recived notification about this... And I was checking every day I never get a chance to log to cPanel to secure my account... that could be the problem. Is there anything I can do? I can start from scratch (I mean with all my files removed) if that is an option. I did not write before...
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    Suspended Account

    Hello! I am not appealing my suspension. I just want to know what happened. I send my appealing through a while ago (23/03/2013). Never get response and now my account have been deleted. How can I get some feedback about my apeal? I really apologise If this post is...
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    Change to Inactivity Policy

    I have the "remember me" activated... do I have to "Log off / Log on"?
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    Disk Space Policy Change

    Just like you say: I will remain with my plan just like it is right now... Any way, when I see my details in account panel (not in cPanel) I get no information of disk and bandwith usage. I thought that maybe the issue was related to new Disk Usage policy (that was the reason of submitting this...
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    Disk Space Policy Change

    I am not sure if I have to ask for a unlock of the limit or not. (my account is active since 2007 an it is adenhanced-corporate). Thank you in advance.
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    Mambo not working after upgrade (Chopin)

    ¡Thanks! I thought that...
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    Mambo not working after upgrade (Chopin)

    Since last upgrade on Chopin my site shows a long message with lots of: Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated... At the end I get Fatal error: Call to undefined method mosMenu::mosDBTable() ¿Can it be fixed or do I have to try to update Mambo or migrate to...
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    Addon Domain not working after update

    The folder is /home/audiolis/public_html/ Thanks in advance
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    Addon Domain not working after update

    After the update I had some problems with my addon domains. I have all of them working except for one It appears in my cPanel, but it is not working. I try to remove it but I get "Error from park wrapper: Sorry, you do not control the domain " It was...
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    No addon domain / subdomain after Update

    That does not seem to be working... I am still getting the default cPanel Page (defaultwebpage.cgi)... Thank you any way Any ideas?
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    No addon domain / subdomain after Update

    After Chopin update, my files seem to be in order... But I have no addon domains or subdomains in cPanel (they show up in my account panel). This is how it should be: Main Domain Sub Domains
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    MySQL Errors

    I was getting this error yesterday night but now is solved. I didn't have to fix anything.
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    Account Panel and Signups

    ¡Hello there! Nice to hear about you guys again... :) I can't acces to my control panel. After sending my user and password it stays loading like for ever... Eventually I get "Gateway timeout" Main domain: Server: Chopin I have other minor issues. Don't know if I post them...
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    Algunos Cambios

    Disculpen por molestar, pero... ¿cómo van los trabajos de mantenimiento/actualización? La última actualización que encuentro es del 26 de febrero en Hosting Status. No quisiera que esto parezca una queja, pero me gustaría saber cómo está avanzando el tema de los cambios que están gestando...
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    We are traveling on the same ship: Improve free hosting services

    I tried several Free hosting sites, and I have a paid service for one of my sites (not on x10)... The best service I ever get was x10hosting (even over paid one)... And it is Free! Good work!
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    Chopin Expedited Copy (Main Domain)
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    Banning Mass Mail Scripts

    What about Moodle? Can I still have forums message send through PHP Moodle script?
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    Feature requests - PHP

    For me that will help to. I am trying to install ilias ( and I get: PHP Memory Limit Setting (php.ini) FAILED 32M. Please set the value for "memory_limit" at least to 40M in your php.ini. We recommend 80M or more. If you know a work around for this, please let me...
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    If you see a 'Fitbit' site instead of yours...

    Ok... it was working yesterday... but to day it's showing Fbit AGAIN... (I have other domains but they look ok). Any ideas? Thank you in advance