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    A few x10 hosting problems...

    I've been having a few x10 hosting problems, hopefully someone will be able to help me with. Almost everytime I log in to my account on x10hosting, my primary domain is reset to '' no matter how many times I've changed it to My primary domain does not...
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    review my site&rate it out of 10

    i think it needs a name.
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    Link on JAGF

    Thank you, it's a pleasure doing small business.
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    Link on JAGF

    Added your website to my frontpage. Please add, and you may use 'Larry Mason, Jr' as text or, that button if you like.
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    Link exchange with a graphics design-related site!

    I wouldn't mind, I'll contact you through the forums sometime tomorrow but I highly recommend providing a contact email.
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    Want a staff member?

    ^^ IF you send the games, I'll do that better than anyone else.
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    Review self-made forum.

    looks real nice
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    How does it look so far?

    Format looks good. Some of the images look childish.
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    Review this site, will be free for community soon.

    Add what he (^^) said and i think everything else is great.
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    Please review

    Yeah, thanks.
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    Look At Super-php

    Well, Jason from the screenshot I'd say your on to something great there. Looks wonderful.
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    Fresh new look!

    ^^, No, that was an accident. Edited.
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    Fresh new look!

    Your site looks nice. I would make it brighter though. Google "Photographers Portfolio" and make some comparisons.
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    please review my site......... completely redesigned

    My apologies but I would rate your web site around a 4-4.5 out of 10. I don't think the colors "match" or coordinate with each other, several of your links do not work, several of your pages makes the navigation disappear and none of your text looks formatted.
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    Please review

    Please take the time to review I've been working on it for about a week or two now and was pleased with the result. Though, I am already working on a completely new version, a more professional and very simple look, I will still continue to make changes, updates and fix...
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    Awstats Problem

    Problem solved, please close.
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    Updating Forums

    Sounds great and completely understandable. Review what I have here and if there is any way I can help beyond activity, please let me know.
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    Awstats Problem

    bump bump bump. Anyone ?
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    Hw to make professional looking websites ??

    The best way would be to pay a professional to achieve your professional web site guy.
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    best free html editor

    I honestly think you are much better off taking the risk and downloading a cracked version of Dreamweaver or the crack/serial for your trial version.