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    How many have upgraded to Windows 10 ?

    What ?? If you have windows of any kind, Microsux should have been beating your door down.
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    Check It Out

    Yeah, ive changed a few things, no longer have my domain parked here. Sorry
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    Issue with images loading

    Disregard, for now changing software maybe thats it ?? o_O
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    Issue with images loading

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    My site email

    In the email accounts tab create an email account such as and make sure that is what it says in your software as well. I also created a forwarder to my own email personal email account. I use the same one for the board and the contact.
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    Issue with images loading

    At various times, not always, my site does not load the banner image from the public_html file in the CPanel. How can i fix this ? Thanks for any suggestions.
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    WoW !

    Never saw so many request for issues to be addressed, Whats up all of a sudden ?
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    Need some information

    When you park a domain you own on a free host such as this one, i realize that it points to the free domain name content. Is that just as good as having that domain on its own hosting, or is it seen as a sub-domain as far as google etc. is concerned ?
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    Reviews on x10hosting

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    Feedback on my promotion site?

    Then i suspect you have a browser issue. Thanks for the dislike :)
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    Error-"Could not unzip the Language files"

    i would leave the address path blank
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    Check It Out :)
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    That URL takes me to the CPanel Login. Support is supplied via this community, and its volunteer staff.
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    Reviews on x10hosting

    5mb !!! my forum software uses that much by itself. :)
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    Reviews on x10hosting

    I do however, appreciate that link :) they provide 20GB of webspace right off the bat, and after toying with a test site for awhile, seem to be just as good as X10 with more space. However, their CPanel is garbage. Hard to use, some kind of homemade deal looks like
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    How many have upgraded to Windows 10 ?

    Me either, or all the info harvesting they do, i also dont use XBox, etc. Just need a good OS to access the internet really, and i dont care for IE at all, considering going to Linux Mint.
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    Best Free Hosting

    sorry, i guess technically you are correct, but for my use, its a forum host :p
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    Best Web Browser ?

    Which Web browser do you use and why do you think its the best ?
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    How many have upgraded to Windows 10 ?

    If you run windows on your computer, how many have done the free upgrade to the Win10 flavor ? I did it initially, but went back to Win7 mainly i guess because i didnt care for all the extra goop on 10. What are the opinions here on this topic. ?
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    Cloud Flare

    Thanks, and it appears that bdistler agrees with you :)