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    My domain

    I can't remove my domain because i'm suspended, I guess I need staff to remove it from their DNS Edit: It isn't a domain transfer, I've basically just changed the nameservers and added it on the other host
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    My domain

    I've recently been suspended, so I tried to move host, but the problem is, my domain even after changing the DNS and adding it to my other host, it still takes me to the x10 suspended page, I did a whois on and it looks like the nameservers are ok, why...
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    It says I've been suspended for c99shell, I don't use any shells, if you unsuspend me and tell me where the c99shell was found i'll delete it straight away
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    need more extra sql databases

    Why do you need more than 3 databases? I have used only 1 and all my software on my site works with it fine, all you need is to make sure any software you use uses different prefixes so they don't overwrite any needed tables
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    Hi. Please welcome me:-)

    welcome! You chose the right free host, theres a nice big community, and we're all here to help with any trouble :biggrin: hope you enjoy your stay
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    Additional Changes

    wow, 1 month! great, I always forget to come back every 2 weeks and get suspended. now i'll be able to remember :biggrin:
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    X10Hosting Supension

    It is pretty annoying, if someone goes on holiday for 2 weeks, they come back just to find they got suspended, at least you can pay to remove it for a yr.
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    X10 Hosting TOPS!!!!

    Congrats on getting everything working, you will be very happy for choosing X10, I've tried tons of hosts, X10 seems to be the only good free one that doesn't suck :)
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    blank cpanel

    mine is still dead :( i've been locked out for a day now
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    how many of you get a domain name through x10 credits

    I don't have enough credits, so i just got myself a for free,
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    Mac or PC

    I prefer PC because it is most supported by programs and software developers, I prefer linux too because it is open-source so you have a lot of freedom and can change any part of the OS as you like, If mac's weren't so expensive i would buy one as they sound very good
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    Is Safari better then all other browsers?

    Safari is pretty fast, but Firefox is more customizable and secure, Safari 4 is too much like chrome, I used to like safari 3 because it looked more like apple not Google chrome,
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    500 Internal Server Error on my forums

    Yeah, it works now
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    500 Internal Server Error on my forums

    dunno if its fixed or not, absolut went down a few hours ago, and it hasn't came back up
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    500 Internal Server Error on my forums

    Well, my forums on the absolut server, at keep giving me a 500 internal server error, every other page is working, whats happening? :dunno: :mad: EDIT: Its an SMF EDIT again: Well, now i'm just getting a document has no data error on every other page now
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    Absolut httpd down

    I know, its really annoying, my site is down and i was just about to check on it, why must absolut always go down for random periods of time...? :rant2:
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    Download a backup with new backup feature?

    The old backup feature is still there, /frontend/x3/backup/wizard.html and /frontend/x3/backup/index.html in your cPanel, you could just use that, the new backup software is used to restore your site back to something like a few days ago if you messed something up or got hacked, but the backups...
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    Arcade gone?

    probably something to do with the new vBulletin skin.
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    Which Day do you Prefer?

    Friday, because its the end of school days, and the next day will be Saturday so i can stay up all night as long as i like
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    domain will not park

    I've just parked my new site, under parked domains in my site, but when i view i get an apache set up page... why can i not use this domain i just got? x10 is the best host i've ever tried and i can't park my domain? i'm on the absolut server Edit: Oh...