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    cPanel Login Failure

    Any Account Manager there to help me???... :sad: I'm still not able to login
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    cPanel Login Failure

    Login was successful last week and I don't remember changing my password, but I'm not able to login right now. I also tried changing my password, but even that did not work. My account is not suspended, and so I'm wondering why I'm not able to login. I hope I can get some help as soon as...
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    Review My Site

    Hello zombaya, thanks for the review..... :) 1. Loaded flash in home.html too 2. Removed newsflash 3
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    Review My Site

    Has anyone worked on Xaraya?, if so how is it... Thanks
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    Review My Site

    Thanks Alex Mac & sohailamir51, I appreciate your reviews and I will definitely work on that... :) I agree with what you guys have told me:--- 1. Sitemap must be more detailed 2. Site needs more content
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    Review My Site

    Modified my Site again, do check it out..... :) --->PROXIA
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    Congratuations Corey!

    Happy Birthday Corey!, have fun :)
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    Custom 404 Not Loading

    Thanks Synkc!, I will try it out... :)
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    Please review my new website!

    The Layout is pretty good but I'm afraid the color is not that catchy, but anyway it's just that view and do think about it :)
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    Custom 404 Not Loading

    I created a Custom 404 Error Page from cPanel but I'm only getting the default x10Hosting 404 error when I enter a wrong url, and so can you please help me with that. Thanks!
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    Welcome to x10!, rock on :cool:
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    Review My Site

    Thanks mrmason!, and you're welcome to advertise on my site for free. Just get me a 468 x 60 flash banner or any banner of that dimension, and off you go
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    community builder software It's a Facebook clone!, but you have to pay for it... Try for free scripts
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    Bebo type network?

    Well, you can install any of the Social Networking scripts available out there for free or buy one. You can also install a CMS, and extend it's capabilities to work like a social network 1. For JOOMLA, try User Home Pages or UHP, it's an extension 2. Dolphin 3. Xoops
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    Review My Site

    Have used a darker template for my site this time, and so do let me know how it is :drool: Thanks vol7ron!, reduced the transition speed
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    Review My Site

    How is the new layout
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    plz review my website

    Looks like the server is down, so not able to take a look at your site...
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    i want to buy some script

    I clicked...
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    Review please

    The Forum looks pretty cool but like Sunil said, the header looks a little out of focus, and why don't you try to create a header with that folder color, just a suggestion...
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    Review My Site

    ok Guys, my site is almost done, and so please do have a look and have your say... :biggrin: It's a simple site, but I guess that is the way to start [Works better in Mozilla]