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    Review my SITE!

    it didn't really load well for me, the top menu is to far right and gets cut off. I like the dark colours though, they look good. I think maybe you should either change the logo font or make it bolder so it looks thicker.
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    3WORLD! review (2012) for it's 5th year! (1 year on x10hosting) is available. I would buy it asap. Nice site, I like the layout but I can't say that I like the green banner or the green background on the forum. For a forum you really need to establish a loyal user base. Looking at your forums stats your not doing to well. You should be...
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    PDO - Should I sanitize? if so how?

    So I've finally decided to port over to PDO after reading the thread posted in here, I already have general knowledge of mysql so it's not difficult just have to learn the process. But after reading a few tutorials about PDO and reading through the manual, I am a little confused as to if it is...
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    More than 30 server crashes in a month. Is this a serious hosting?

    Everyone has problems from time to time, give them a break, I think that have been more than great when it comes to letting us know what is going on, most companies wouldn't even give you details. Uptime is rising and downtime is going down, my site has been up more than its been down in the...
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    Why my php code is commented ?

    Another way to view HTML contents is by using cURL. or if you have to use file_get_contents try <?php $page = file_get_contents (""); print_r($page.'<br />'); ?> See what result you get from that.
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    SEO for my site help

    Here are a few tips; Look into Meta Tags that go into your between you <head> tags, you definitely need meta keywords and meta description. Your meta description shows up on google when your website is displayed. Your title is the link on google and the text underneath is your meta description...
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    Upgraded to prime but not upgraded

    I'm in the same boat mate. Bought prime but I just figured they had enough on their hands atm then to worry about granting me prime on the forums lol
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    Domain not existing? I already added files but it won't work

    you can check your domain when you login here or you can look here if you are already logged in it's located under your username. if it's correct, possibly you have uploaded the files to the wrong directory? or you...
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    Need Help--> Concerning my page login

    fair enough I've never solved an this issue by removing ?>, but by reading the error code that he received from this guys page, I would say it would have to do with session_start() being in the wrong position, either on the main page or in an include page. But you are correct we don;t know until...
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    Sanitize contact form?

    You should try multiple examples to see how they filter it cause at the moment they are either removing certain html tags or between < and > so if I was trying to find an exploit in your site I would do things like <scr<script>ipt> - Removes <script> and you are left with <script> still...
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    Music band website

    I like it, the theme is nice, could probably do with a few tweaks but overall really nice. On the home page I would either extend Concerts to the end, or maybe move it out of there and try somewhere else or even put some other data on the other side. I changed my language to English and it was...
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    time lord

    If I was to pay for premium hosting, would that make it trouble free? lol I don't want to buy premium hosting and have this much downtime, but I want to stay with x10, sorry if this is posted else where.
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    Sanitize contact form?

    There are a few things when looking at websecurity especially when your using MySQL and Cookies for Login. Not only do you need to look out for SQL Injection but XSS (Cross Site Scripting), so sanitizing any data you OUTPUT on a page that might not necessarily be user inputted. ANY $_GET data...
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    Need Help--> Concerning my page login

    ellescuba27 is correct you need to make sure session_start() is at the top of the page Don't listen to this guy he obviously doesn't know PHP at all.
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    why do i have a high bounce rate?

    Ive been trying to get my bounce rate down aswell and it's slowly going down. The first thing I did was find out how people were getting to my site and possible reason why they would leave straight away. A few reasons: 1. they didn't find the appropriate information they were looking for or...
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    Rate my website please.

    Thanks guys, yeah I've been a bit indecisive about that bar on the right, I had planned to made a login up the top which was meant to go on the left of the bar but I have since removed it as I added quick enquiry below instead. I might remove the bar. I normally used fixed div widths but this...
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    Rate my website please.

    Looking to get some feedback on my new layout I've been working on. my website is Any constructive criticism is welcome :) Thanks, look forward to hear what you guys think.
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    PHP errors

    It tells you your error here in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given Cacher.php line 121 It would help if you posted some of the PHP especially line 121 of cacher.php