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    PR7 SEO Web Directory

    Hi Folks, With Google Penguin algorithm than you must be careful when submitting your site to web directory or you will be "Penguined" because of bad backlinks. If you need spam free, SEO friendly and Google Penguin prof web directory, you can submitting your site to my directory. This is a...
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    cPanel login country restrictions

    Hi, I can't login to cPanel, below is the message: "Sorry, we are not able to accept cPanel logins from your ASN or country of origin at this time." Is there anythings I must do to resolve this? Thanks,
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    Unsuspended fail

    Hi, I has been suspended for high system resources etc. I try to unsuspended by myself but it still waiting, almost two days until now. Please tell me what caused this so I can prevent this happen in the future. Please unsuspended my account? maybe I should start thinking for paid hosting...
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    Chopin update give me pagerank 8 (fake PR)

    Before Chopin update, my site PR is 3 but after Chopin update my pagerank is 8, check this. I don't know but it seems when the website down for one or two days it redirect to height PR site (maybe only the search engine robot). PR 8 is crazy :), anybody facing similar issue like me? In a few...
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    Site redirect to "Default Web Site Page"

    Dear Staff, Thanks, my main site is back online now, but there is one problem; my addon domain site is always redirect to "Default Web Site Page". I already waiting it for a few hours but it still the same. I already clearing the DNS cache on my PC but nothing happen. Here is my site...
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    Site down and then suspended

    Hello x10 staff, I can not access the site but suddenly my account is suspended. What happened? I have two websites here, all using Drupal and only uses three modules, the module is very small and not likely to add pressure on the server. I use the following modules: 1. NoFollowList ->...
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    MySQL error: Access denied.

    x10 staff, Almost two days I've experienced this kind of error for each of my website, I did not change any configuration on my website (I use Drupal and I know how Drupal work). I've been looking for this problem in the forum to seek answers and it seems this only happens on my website (I...
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    Account suspended (again)

    Hi, My account is suspended again for high system resource usage. About one week ago my account already suspended with the same case, fixes the problems by disabled the jQuery Cycle. But now the problems is up again, maybe I must remove all jQuery plugins like Superfish and pngFix too and...
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    Account suspended

    Dear Staff, Currently my hosting account is suspended, I already try to un-suspended my self but every time I want to change the configuration of my website then I suspended again. I run jQuery Cycle Plugins for my theme, and I have a demo site for Drupal theme too...
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    How much space do you use?

    In a website of course there are other things that support the website as a module, images and others. I wonder how much capacity you've already spent? I'm already using about 100 MB from 1000 MB. All because there are a lot of the same double files, I redirect some of my addon domain to new...
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    Server \ Platform Move Announcement of Chopin, Stoli and Lotus

    It seem this announcement not show up on the main page from Here is the link:
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    Did you put a link "Powered by x10hosting" on your site?

    Many ways to support x10Hosting, one of them is to put a link "Powered by x10Hosting on your site. I think if all user of x10Hosting want to do that, the PR from x10Hosting can reach 7 or 8, and their popularity will increase. I've done it and no affiliate links. For those who have not, you...
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    Criticism for my first drupal theme

    Hello, some time ago I made a simple theme for Drupal, I want your opinion about my Drupal theme, especially related to font size. My theme demo site: For font I use trebuchet ms, tahoma, verdana, arial, helvetica and the font size is 0.9em for body. How do you think? Is it too...
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    mySQL not working properly after an upgrade

    Hello, I just wanted to let the staff or admin know that my site still has problems associated with the upgrade, I'm on Chopin server. I have three active websites and using 3 databases, here are the details: is work fine. not working with error message...
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    Ad-enhanced Account Upgrade

    Dear x10Hosting staff, I want to upgrade my account from an ad-free package to ad-enhanced advanced package. I've included the necessary code into all my websites. But why ads do not appear on all pages of my website? The following are my websites: (new website)...
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    Who is your domain registrar?

    Choosing a registrar for the domain is not an easy matter, could have a problem will arise in the future if we are wrong choosing Registrar. First I use but then I switched to because there was no funny business, and error messages (at least for now). What about you? Do...
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    Gay marriage? Agree or disagree?

    After a heated and often emotional debate, New York state Senate rejects gay marriage. How about you? whether you agree with the marriage between fellow men? I also do not agree, and support the decision of the New York senate. Viewed from any aspect, marriage fellow man...
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    The White House using Drupal.

    Lots buzz about "White House using Drupal". What do you think about this? I think this is a great news because i'm using Drupal too :) Congrats to Dries Buytaert and the Drupal community!
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    x10Hosting subdomain link exchange

    I have an x10Hosting subdomain : and want link exchange with everybody. Your link will be in here I abandon this domain for a few month (no time to maintain it) and now i want used it as my personal blog. If interesting just post your link here.
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    Bring traffic using Twitter

    Lots way to bring traffic to our website, like SEO, link exchange, social networking etc. Did you already try bring traffic using Twitter? There are lots website that collect Twitter updates and this could be our free backlink isn't? I have a few follower, but my point is not how much is our...