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    Delete account

    How to remove /this/ forum account? And your website is dead.
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    Delete account

    I would like to know how to delete my X10hosting forum account. My X10hosting account was closed due to inactivity and I no longer use X10hosting.
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    Cpanel says exist but can't view site from web

    I can log into cpanel for my site but I can't view it why? It keep saying site doesn't exist.
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    Site activation

    I still can't view the site :? It still come up domain not registered. Any other sub pages comes up with The webpage cannot be found. However, loging into cpanel, all my page exists. Just to clarify, unless I bought a domain like, I cannot change my domain to that?
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    Review my site

    I have changed the site by adding a new flash detect page after the IE browser seperation Thus, if you don't have flash, you will automatically bypass the intros. Plus, you can always skip the intro by clicking skip introduction. In addition, I have switched the NonIE intro to a one based on...
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    Site activation

    If not, how to reset the account to the default domain? I try changing it back to but it says site not registered :?
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    Site activation

    I see under Hosting Account Main Domain Modification I can change my domain to a non x10hosting website. For example> What will happen if I do that?
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    Hotmail Vs Yahoo Vs Gmail

    Gmail because it has more features!
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    VPS Chat error

    Whenever I try to use VPS eris BETA chat, I get security error 2048.
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    Review my site

    Did you get redirected to NonIE.html? THe first index page detects the browser and sends you to either the IE page or the NonIe page
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    I didn't see my signature in the settings...:confused:
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    How to edit my forum signature?
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    Review my site Please review this site. Thanks! I would also appreciate help like cross browser allignment helps as I'm using IE for testing all my coding.
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    How to set up media wiki? How to create a database?
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    MediaWiki and EyeOS

    Are these allowed with freehosting?