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  1. indisoft

    phpbb3 help

    i had previously used phpbb3 in other hosting..i have backup of phpbb3..will restoring backup in the new forum.restore all the things.such as users,forum posts etc..or not....
  2. indisoft

    rss for phpbb3

    how can i display rss2.0 feed and atom feed for phpbb3.. please help me... :-)
  3. indisoft

    gta sa

    can any one give me completed save file of gta sa
  4. indisoft

    404 error on stoli

    since 1 hour 404 error is appearing...really worried..i did not delete anything....:dunno:
  5. indisoft

    [REQ][ n/a ]installing mods for phpbb3

    can any one please help me in installing reputation mod for phpbb3
  6. indisoft

    can we run aspx and asp pages in stoli

    Can i run asp& aspx pages on stoli... pls help..:happysad:
  7. indisoft

    reputation system in phpbb3

    please help me in installing reputaion in phpbb3
  8. indisoft

    Help Neede Regarding Port Forwarding

    Please Enlighten Me About Port Forwarding.. Just Wanted To Make A Ftp To Share With Friends...
  9. indisoft

    please give me suggestions ...

    please reserve few minutes in visiting this site and please tell me how to improve it
  10. indisoft

    adding reputation system in phpbb3

    please help me in setting up reputation system in phpbb3 please help me;)